Net Worth Of MrBeast’s Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

Thea Booysen shines as a noteworthy figure, recognized for her captivating content and gaming prowess. Net Worth of Thea Booysen(Beasty) is Estimated USD $3 Million as of 2024.

This American–South African YouTuber and Twitch streamer, known by her online moniker TheaBeasty, has carved a niche for herself by streaming popular games like Witcher 3, League of Legends, and Gwent.

However, beyond her digital endeavors, Thea has become the second and current girlfriend of the widely acclaimed MrBeast.

Their romance blossomed in late 2022, adding a touch of love to the digital landscape. Fans caught a glimpse of their connection in the video “$1 Vs $100,000,000 Car!” as Thea made her debut appearance on the channel on September 16, 2023. You can watch complete information of there meetup here.

Income Of Resources Of Thea Booysen(Beasty)

YoutubeTheaBeasty with 31.3k followers
MoreThanHuman with 5.56k subscribers
Instagram@thea_booysen with 270k followers
Twitch@thea_booysen with 28.1k followers
Twitter(X)@thea_booysen with 13.7k followers
Threads@thea_booysen with 34.7k followers
eSports Caster@thea_booysen is eSports Caster

Thea Booysen Youtube

In the vast landscape of YouTube, Thea Booysen wears multiple hats with her two distinct channels. With 31.3k followers on TheaBeasty, her gaming channel, she immerses viewers into the world of Witcher 3, League of Legends, and Gwent, showcasing her skills and passion for gaming.

But that’s not all – with her channel More Than Human, boasting 5.56k subscribers, Thea delves into the fascinating realm of psychology facts. Here, she captivates an audience eager to explore the intricacies of the human mind.

Beyond the joy of content creation, Thea has also found financial success, earning income through these channels.

Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!
Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

Thea Booysen Twitch

Stepping into the vibrant world of live streaming, Thea Booysen, under the handle @thea_booysen, has cultivated a community of 28.1k followers on Twitch.

With her engaging content, she brings viewers into the immersive experience of gaming, creating a space where enthusiasts can connect in real-time.

What makes this digital journey even more noteworthy is that Thea has turned her passion into a profession, earning a living through her Twitch channel.

Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

Thea Booysen Instagram

On the Instagram front, Thea Booysen commands attention with a substantial following of 270k on her handle, @thea_booysen.

In the captivating realm of social media, she curates a visual narrative that resonates with a diverse audience.

Through a blend of engaging content, updates, and glimpses into her life, Thea has cultivated a dedicated community. Beyond the realm of mere influence, she has also harnessed the earning potential of her Instagram presence.

Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

Thea Booysen Twitter(X)

Navigating the Twitterverse with finesse, Thea Booysen, under the handle @thea_booysen, has amassed a community of 13.7k followers on the microblogging platform.

Through concise and engaging tweets, she shares snippets of her life, thoughts, and perhaps a touch of humor, fostering a digital connection with her audience.

What adds an intriguing layer to this online presence is Thea’s ability to turn her tweets into more than just words on a screen – she’s turning them into earnings.

Net Worth Of MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen (Beasty)!

eSports Caster And Thea Booysen Author/Book

In a testament to unwavering dedication, Thea Booysen embarked on the journey of crafting her sci-fi novel, “The Marked Children,” at the tender age of 17 while still in high school.

After seven years of steadfast commitment and hard work, she brought her literary creation to life, published it in 2022.

During a candid discussion on Joshua Rubin’s “Wide Awake” Podcast, the author opened up about the driving force behind her choice of the science fiction genre.

“I was like, all right, what if we wrote a book that happened right now, which makes it plausible? Like, I want you to… read this book and think, ‘What if this is happening? What if this happened to me tomorrow?’

There’s no proof it’s not happening,” she shared. In unveiling the motivation behind her work, Thea invites readers to not only immerse themselves in a compelling narrative but also ponder the real-world possibilities her novel presents.

Eventually, she began casting eSports, particularly “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.” Booysen explained, “The company approached me at the start of 2020 and were like, ‘Would you work for us as an official caster?'” It was the start of her career.

She told in the Expresso Show:

As a content creator, gamer, and author, Thea has carved out a niche for herself, showcasing her dedication and talent.

Her social media presence, with substantial followers on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, not only reflects her popularity but also hints at the potential financial rewards that accompany such influence.

Whether through gaming, content creation, or literary endeavors like her sci-fi novel “The Marked Children,” Thea Booysen’s journey exemplifies the multifaceted opportunities available in the digital age, allowing individuals to turn their passions into both fulfilling careers and sources of income.

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