The Mysterious Presence of Thea Booysen(Beasty) in a MrBeast’s Video!

The Mysterious Presence of Thea Booysen(Beasty) in a MrBeast's Video

Image Credits: Mrbeast/ youtube

In the world of YouTube, MrBeast needs no introduction. The popular American YouTuber and philanthropist, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is known for his extravagant stunts and jaw-dropping acts of charity.

He has built an empire on the platform with over 150+ million subscribers and counting.

Thea Booysen in MrBeast’s Video

But one aspect of MrBeast’s life that has remained shrouded in mystery is his relationship with his girlfriend, Thea Booysen, better known as “Beasty” among fans.

Thea Booysen had performed ina MrBeast’s video titled “100 Boys Vs 100 Girls For $500,000”

In this video challenge were 100 Girls VS 100 Boys and the group who could stay in the circle the longest got to win $5000 to each.

Thea Booysen’s(Beasty) Excitement for Challenge

Thea Booysen said in the video: “I got a call randomly from the studio.”

They said: “We need a girl”

She said: “I am a girl” she added: “I guess I could do this 100 hour challenge”


She also said that at that MrBeast was dating her.

As you can see in the video

Thea Booysen(Beasty) and MrBeast

Thea Booysen is known as the girlfriend of MrBeast, a popular YouTuber and philanthropist.

She is a South African social media influencer who gained popularity on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her fashion and lifestyle content.

Thea has a passion for photography and has collaborated with several brands for photoshoots.

Thea has been dating MrBeast since 2020 and has been seen in some of his videos, including a vlog where they went on a romantic vacation to Hawaii.

Instagram will load in the frontend.


MrBeast and Thea Booysen are still together and hope they will be together always.

But if there would be any information related to both of them we will inform you, Stay Connected.

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