MrBeast’s Better Half Thea Booysen Set to Make DisneyLorcana Tournament Debut in Glasgow!

çMrBeast's Better Half Thea Booysen Set to Make DisneyLorcana Tournament Debut in Glasgow!

In a surprising twist, Thea Booysen, widely known as the girlfriend of YouTube sensation MrBeast, has announced her participation in the upcoming DisneyLorcana tournament in Glasgow on 17th of September.

This unexpected move has sparked immense excitement and curiosity among her fans and the gaming community alike. With her tournament debut just around the corner, Thea is reaching out to her followers for valuable gaming tips and strategies.

Thea Booysen Going to DisneyLorcana Tournament Debut in Glasgow

The DisneyLorcana tournament is a prestigious gaming event known for attracting top-tier talent from around the world. Taking place in the vibrant city of Glasgow, it promises an intense and thrilling gaming experience.

The announcement of Thea Booysen’s participation has added a new layer of excitement to the tournament.

While primarily recognized as MrBeast’s girlfriend, Thea Booysen has a growing presence on social media, particularly on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

With a passion for gaming, she has steadily built her gaming skills and audience, and her decision to enter the DisneyLorcana tournament marks a significant milestone in her gaming journey.

Followers and Supporters Reactions

As Thea prepares to step into the competitive gaming arena, she is humbly seeking tips and advice from the gaming community. With millions of followers and supporters behind her, Thea aims to make a strong debut and prove her mettle as a serious gamer.

As the days count down to the DisneyLorcana tournament in Glasgow, all eyes will be on Thea Booysen. Will she make a memorable mark in the gaming world?

Only time will tell. For now, the gaming community eagerly awaits her journey into the competitive gaming arena, and the world watches as Thea prepares to take on this exciting new challenge.

Stay tuned for updates as Thea Booysen embarks on her gaming adventure at the DisneyLorcana tournament in Glasgow!

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