Know Everything About MrBeast’s Gf Thea Booysen(Beasty)!

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen (Beasty), popularly known as TheaBeasty in the online gaming and streaming community, has become a familiar face for fans of platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Hailing from both American and South African roots, Thea has carved a niche for herself by engaging audiences with gameplay content featuring titles such as Witcher 3, League of Legends, and card games like Gwent.

Her relationship with MrBeast adds an intriguing dimension to her online presence.

Full Real NameThea Booysen
Famous NameThea Booysen (Beasty)
Other NameTheaBeasty
Net WorthEstimated USD $3 Million as of 2024
BirthdayDecember 5, 1997
Age(as of 2023)26 years
Height5 feet 6 inches
ProfessionNovelist, YouTube & Twitch Streamer
Birth PlaceCape Town, South Africa
Partner/SpouseJimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson (rumored)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
NationalitySouth Africa

Who is Thea Booysen?

However, what has brought her into the spotlight even more is her personal life, particularly her relationship with the renowned content creator, MrBeast.

Since the latter part of 2022, Thea has been romantically involved with MrBeast, and their connection has captured the attention of fans across the globe.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen Degrees

Thea Booysen has completed his degree in Law and Psychology from Cape Town, South Africa. Now she is doing Masters in Scotland.

How did Mrbeast Meet Thea Booysen?

The duo made a notable joint appearance in the video titled “$1 Vs $100,000,000 Car!” which was released as of September 16, 2023. This video not only showcased their relationship but also added a personal touch to the otherwise larger-than-life content produced by MrBeast.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen Interview

In an interview Thea Booysen explained that how she met MrBeast in a video:

Thea Booysen Youtube

Thea Booysen, wears two creative hats on YouTube. On her gaming channel, TheaBeasty with 31.3k followers, she shares exciting adventures playing games like Witcher 3 and League of Legends.

Meanwhile, her second channel, MoreThanHuman with 5.56k subscribers, dives into psychology facts, showcasing her diverse interests beyond gaming.

From thrilling gameplay to exploring the depths of the human mind, Thea captivates audiences with her engaging content on both channels, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted world of MrBeast’s girlfriend.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen(Beasty)!
Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen Book “The Marked Children”

Thea Booysen has demonstrated her creativity and storytelling prowess with the release of her book, “The Marked Children.” This gripping narrative follows the journey of sixteen-year-old John, who stumbles upon a foreboding black symbol on his arm.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

As the plot unfolds, John realizes that he is not alone—thousands of other children worldwide share the same mysterious marks, and they have mysteriously vanished.

“The Marked Children” weaves a tale of intrigue, suspense, and the unknown, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they delve into a world where enigmatic symbols hold the key to a larger, more sinister mystery.

You can buy book from Amazon:

Thea Booysen Profiles

Thea Booysen is a social media powerhouse, making her mark on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. From gaming on Twitch to sharing snippets of her life on Instagram, Thea’s dynamic online presence reflects her diverse interests, creating a vibrant connection with her audience across various digital spaces.

YoutubeTheaBeasty with 31.3k followers
MoreThanHuman with 5.56k subscribers
Instagram@thea_booysen with 270k followers
Twitch@thea_booysen with 28.1k followers
Twitter(X)@thea_booysen with 13.7k followers
Threads@thea_booysen with 34.7k followers

Thea Booysen Edinburgh

Thea Booysen recently revealed her dedication to her card-collecting passion, disclosing that she took a journey to Edinburgh with a singular goal in mind: to track down more @DisneyLorcana cards.

The enthusiast spared no effort, recounting how she raided a total of four stores in the Scottish city, underscoring her determination to expand her collection.

Thea Booysen Sister And Brother

Thea Booysen has chosen to keep details about her siblings private, and as of now, there is no public information available about her brother and sister.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen(Beasty)!

Thea Booysen Esports Caster

Recognized for her skills as an esports caster, Thea has made a name for herself in the industry. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is known for her relationship with MrBeast, a popular content creator on YouTube known for his philanthropic initiatives and entertaining videos.

Together, they form a dynamic couple that captures the attention of fans across various online platforms. She had mentioned that in her all social media profiles.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen Nationality

Thea Booysen was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa so her nationality is of American–South Africa.

Thea Booysen Age and Birthday

As Thea Booysen was born on December 5, 1997 and blows candle on this date so she is 26 years old as of dec 2023.

Thea Booysen Height in Feet

Thea Booysen height in feeets is 5 feets right now.

Thea Booysen High School

Thea Booysen’s High School was in the Cape Town, South Africa from where she obtained a degree in law and pshychology.

Know Everything About MrBeast's Gf Thea Booysen!

Thea Booysen stands as a multifaceted personality within the realms of gaming, esports, and creative writing. Notably recognized as MrBeast’s girlfriend, Thea has cultivated her own identity as an esports caster and author.

Her contributions to the gaming community, coupled with her captivating storytelling in the book “The Marked Children,” underscore her versatility and creative spirit.

As a part of the dynamic duo with MrBeast, Thea continues to capture the interest of audiences worldwide, showcasing that her influence extends beyond gaming and into the broader digital landscape.


Q: Where does Thea Booysen Live/ Country?

Thea Booysen live in South Africa.

Q: Where does Thea Booysen Live?

Thea Booysen live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Q: Is Thea Booysen Rich?

Yes, she is rich as networth of Thea Booysen is USD $3 million.

Q: Is Thea Booysen Married?

No, Thea Booysen is not married yet but she is in Relation with MrBeast(Jimmy Donaldson) from 2022.

Q: How old is Thea Booysen?

Thea Booysen is 26 years old.

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