Mr beast GF Thea Booysen, Co-Owner of NixuhGG, Pledges to Elevate South African Gaming to Global Heights

Mr beast GF Thea Booysen, Co-Owner of NixuhGG, Pledges to Elevate South African Gaming to Global Heights

In an exciting turn of events, Thea Booysen, known for her association with popular YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast, has recently announced her official role as a co-owner of @NixuhGG, a leading gaming organization based in South Africa. With a vision to put South Africa on the global gaming map, Thea is determined to provide international recognition to the talented content creators in the region.

  1. A New Chapter for NixuhGG:

    Thea Booysen’s entry as a co-owner marks a significant milestone for NixuhGG, known for its prominence in the South African gaming community. The move is expected to bring fresh perspectives, strategic initiatives, and a global mindset to the organization.
  2. Mission to Elevate South African Gaming:

    Thea’s commitment to putting South Africa on the international gaming map is reflected in her recent statement: “It is my mission to put South Africa on the map, and give our content creators the international recognition they deserve.” This ambitious goal suggests a dedication to showcasing the wealth of gaming talent present in the region.
  3. Empowering Content Creators:

    One of Thea’s key objectives is to address the challenge faced by many talented influencers who often “fall through the cracks.” By joining forces with NixuhGG, she aims to create a platform that nurtures and supports content creators, providing them with the exposure and opportunities they need to thrive.
  4. An Open Invitation to Join the Team:

    In a bold move, Thea has extended an open invitation to individuals interested in contributing to the growing success of NixuhGG. This inclusive approach suggests a commitment to building a diverse and dynamic team that can make a lasting impact on the South African gaming scene. Click Here to join
  5. International Recognition for South African Influencers:

    The emphasis on international recognition highlights Thea’s determination to bridge the gap between South African gaming content creators and the global audience. By leveraging NixuhGG’s platform, she envisions creating avenues for these influencers to gain the recognition they rightfully deserve on the global stage.


Thea Booysen’s announcement as co-owner of NixuhGG has sparked enthusiasm within the South African gaming community. Her vision to elevate the region’s gaming scene and provide a platform for content creators to gain international recognition is a promising step forward. As Thea and NixuhGG embark on this new journey, the gaming community eagerly awaits the positive impact this partnership will have on South African gaming’s global standing.

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