Best of MrBeast: $300,000 given to those in need

Best of MrBeast: $300,000 given to those in need

MrBeast and his crew do what they do best, giving away money in a classic video.

MrBeast is standing in front of a big pile of cash. He wants to give $300,000 to people in need in a number of ways.

There is a sign outside the door of the business that says they are going out of business. He gives the owner a bag containing $30,000 after they confirm they are.

He states that he is paying for everyone’s rent at the apartment next to him. He found the owner of the complex and told her he was going to cover the cost of everyone’s rent and gave her a bag with $15,000 in it.

He covers the rent for those who live in the second apartment complex that she manages.

At Best Buy, he buys every MacBook and PS5 there.

He gives all of these away to high school students. After speaking with the teacher, he puts them in a classroom.

He gave her a backpack with $10,000 inside after getting the teacher’s approval to do this.

He pays some people’s student debts at a college campus.

He pays some people’s student debts at a college campus.

His next stop is Dicks Sporting Goods, where he buys a good amount of stuff, coming to 21 carts.

He gives the items he bought to the local Salvation Army.

He gives the person a certain amount of time to find the keys to the sports car.

After digging for quite a while, MrBeast starts to give him hints and he finds the keys to the car and gets to keep it.

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