One of Mrbeast's videos was scored by Hans Zimmer.

One of Mrbeast’s videos was scored by Hans Zimmer.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, to his 203 million combined YouTube subscribers, is an online content creator whose work is arguably defined by one thing: money.

Most of the time, his video titles feature a strange figure, either as a prize or a metric of excess.

“I bought the world’s largest mystery box ($500,000.” and “last to leave circle wins $500,000” are both titles of his second-most popular video.

A more charitable point of view would be that Donaldson attempts to use his wealth to create and share incredibly unique experiences, as opposed to the price-over-personality fair that dominates certain portions of theYouTube platform.

His most popular project was a massive recreation of the “Squid Game” competition, in which he assembled 456 real people and gave them the chance to compete for a life-changing cash prize.

While the video didn’t net the creator much money, it’s refreshingly more creative than merely buying a “lambo” or financing a flashy, low-effort music video.

 Many of Donaldson’s videos will feature a combination of extravagance and extreme challenge.

One month, he may claim to have survived a plane crash, but the next he has hunted 100 people.

His most recent project, “I Survived 50 Hours in Antartica,” is no less dramatic than his previous stunts and he needed the help of an equally dramatic composer.

He looked at the man who scored “Dune,” “Gladiator,” and “The Dark Knight.

A YouTube video with an Oscar-worthy soundtrack

The results of Mr.Beast’s most recent video, “I Survived 50 Hours In Antartica,” have been reported by The Hollywood Reporter, and they speak for themselves.

“When MrBeast sets you a challenge, you can bet things are going to get crazy…’ Score my Antartica video in just a few days, please, Hans?'”, said Zimmer in a statement.

The German composer is best known for his work on Christopher Nolan films like “Interstellar,” “Inception,” and the upcoming historical noir “Oppenheimer.”

He has also scored recent blockbusters like “No Time to Die,” after Donaldson reached out to him at the last minute. According to reports, the dealmaking process took only four hours.

The video’s title and the video itself don’t mention the fact that Zimmer is in it. Donaldson wields his wealth for content, and how the platform’s largest players are blurring the lines between YouTube videos and traditional entertainment projects is an example of how uniquely Donaldson wields his wealth for content.

They are seemingly one and the same according to Donaldson.

“The moment I heard Hans was in Antartica, I knew I had to work with him on this no matter what it took.

Nobody else would understand what it was like to survive in such a crazy place.

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