No.1 YouTuber of 2022: MrBeast

No.1 YouTuber of 2022: MrBeast

Every year there is a new social media platform, but nothing compares to the video sharing website.

With millions of subscribers to their channels, creators are still flocking to the video-sharing website.

Based on the number of in-country subscribers gained in the past year, the top creators on the video-sharing platform Youtube.

So, who was the No.1 YouTuber 2022? 

MrBeast (124M subscribers In 2022)

MrBeast has been YouTube’s top creator for the third year in a row. MrBeast has over 124 million subscribers and his most popular video, “Squid Game in Real Life,” has more than 300 million views.

It was reported last year that MrBeast made over $50 million from his empire.

Let’s see if MrBeast can hold on to the title in 2023!

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