Mr. Beast Feastables Will Be Reviewed by Keith Lee on Three Conditions

MrBeasts Feastables will be reviewed by Keith Lee on three conditions.

‘MrBeast’ Jimmy Donaldson’s Feastables chocolate bars are going to be reviewed by a TikTok food reviewer, but he has to choose one of three conditions, and he has to choose just one.

Over the last few weeks, TikTok’s food reviewer has grabbed the attention of many viewers.

He nearly doubled his following count in December of 2022.

He gives feedback on customer service, food quality, and marketing in his videos, and he combines his love for food with his platform to help small struggling restaurants.

MrBeast asked in a comment if he could send over some Feastables chocolate, as he wanted to be involved in the food review action.

MrBeast only has to choose one of the three conditions laid out by the man, because he is ready to do it.

Keith Lee Lays out Conditions for Mr Beast Feastables Video Review

He started the video by saying he heard MrBeast was looking for him. It is time to talk about it.

The comment I received this morning was from Mr. Beast.

He said that he, his wife, and his sister are all fans of the YouTuber and were excited to hear from him, as you can imagine.

He is ready to do the review, but he gave MrBeast three agreements to choose from before it happens.

Donaldson had to either follow his wife on TikTok, post the review on his social media pages, or come to Lee’s hometown of Las Vegas so the two of them could review a “struggling family-owned business” together.

Donaldson was given the option to simply share the review video across all his platforms so that he could continue doing what he does.

MrBeast implied his interest in fulfilling one of the agreements by posting shifty eyes on the comment he made on the video.

Fans quickly flooded the YouTuber’s replies, asking him to fulfill all three of the conditions put forth.

It is not clear when or if a collab will happen between the two, but it is clear that both parties are interested in making it happen.

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