Score for MrBeast's Antarctic trek given by Hans Zimmer 

Score for MrBeast’s Antarctic trek given by Hans Zimmer 

 Jimmy Donaldson didn’t accept his third-straight Creator of the Year award at the Streamy Awards in 2022, so you might have wondered why he traveled to Antarctica.

Subscribers to Donaldson’s MrBeast channel got the answer to that question on Christmas Eve, and it involved a surprising partner.

Donaldson and his friends spent 50 hours alone on their own in the desolate terrain of Antarctica.

Even without a soundtrack, the MrBeast contingent ended up running into a legendary musician on its polar voyage because of that setup.

The German composer agreed to provide a fitting score for the creator’s latest video after Donaldson met him while in the frozen wasteland.

Some of Donaldson’s regulars, including Karl Jacobs, as well as guest star Dream, are featured in ‘I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica’.

The creator of the game recently revealed his face to his 30 million subscribers, and now he is showing it in videos on the internet.

Donaldson explored stunning snowy terrain while Jacobs dug a hole back at camp.

There is lots of strings and sounds in the score. The Donaldson/Zimmer partnership is a perfect example.

After learning that another famous artist was in the same place as he was, the creator worked quickly to make the collaboration happen.

The composer agreed to score the video after just four hours after Donaldson pitched it.

James Everingham and Adam Lukas, who are members of the collective known as Bleeding Fingers Music, collaborated with Zimmer to turn around the required music in a short time frame.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the musical trio previously united to score the docu-series Frozen Planet II, which explores wildlife in the world’s polar regions.

The score was crazy, as has become the norm within MrBeast videos, so he was excited when we reached out.

The score for the creator’s latest clip is titled “Antarctica or Bust” and is available on YouTube.

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