3Rd grader collects over 600 toys to give to children impressed by Mr. Beast

3Rd grader collects over 600 toys to give to children impressed by Mr. Beast

A local third grade student is taking on the role of Santa this year, she started a toy drive to raise enough toys for every kid staying at Children’s Wisconsin to get a present.

Eva and her mom are thankful for everyone who helped them collect 450 toys, even though they knew it would be difficult.

Eva said that she was like, “oh my gosh, we did it!” Eva saw all 600 toys donated to her toy drive and reacted like that.

“She made the good list, I couldn’t believe the amount of support for the toy drive,” said Candice.

Eva says it was all inspired by a youtuber named Mr.Beast.

“I’m Mr. Beast, famous for giving away millions of dollars on his channel,” he said.

Now is the best time to be a beast. Eva stated that this is her in the future.

When Eva came to her mom with the idea of a toy drive to get a toy for every kid at Children’s Wisconsin, Candice was skeptical at first.

“I said, well, let’s just pick a floor because I can’t do all of it,” said Candice.

Eva didn’t want kids to go to the hospital for Christmas.

They’re doing everything, Eva said.

They started the toy drive with drop off locations at real estate executives locations all over the Milwaukee area.

“We had one agent that donated 100 toys,” said Candice.

There was an anonymous donor who turned a sad moment into something good.

I don’t know who the person was or what the funeral was for.

Instead of asking for monetary donations, she asked for donations.

She said it was hard to keep track of all the toys once the drive got going.

“Here in the office and at home, the hardest part was probably counting the toys,” said Candice.

It’s for a good cause to make sure every kid gets something for Christmas.

Children’s Wisconsin officials said that donations like these are useful for children working on motor skills. They’re thankful for the people who made it happen.

“I would like to say thank you for what you did,” said Eva. Eva plans on doing it all again next year.

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