Mr Beast’s burglary taught him a valuable lesson: the robber didn’t take $2 million

When he was burgled, MrBeast learned a valuable lesson that the robber didn't take $2 million.

MrBeast learned a valuable lesson when a thief broke into his house and made off with $2 million. He isn’t strapped for cash, he’s one of the top-subscribed YouTubers.

Just because he doesn’t mind giving it away doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it taken from him.

MrBeast recalled being robbed when he sat down for an interview on the YouTube channel Flagrant when he was hanging out with the hosts and was asked why he had a detachment from money.

The YouTuber pointed out the differences between money and material objects.

As someone who likes to sleep in a bed, eat dinner at a table and scroll social media on a phone, I have to disagree but MrBeast did at least explain that he was referring to luxuries like fancy cars.

He only realised his lack of need for fancy clothes and cars after he filled his wardrobe with designer clothes that someone chose to break into.

MrBeast explained that he saw his front door had been kicked in and his TV and clothes had been taken.

The first thing that came to his mind was all of the money he had wrapped up in the digital currency.

You might think that the coin would be protected by a password, but MrBeast wasn’t smart enough at the time to keep that password hidden.

He explained: “I had a laptop, and [right next to it] was written my private key. It just said ‘Bitcoin private key’.”

The YouTuber had recently publicised his ownership of Bitcoin to the world with a tweet, and he’d managed to get $2 million of the cryptocurrency after its value skyrocketed when he invested $100,000 (£82,000)

But when he loaded up his desktop computer, which was still there, he realized it was his lucky day. The thief hadn’t got their hands on the Bitcoin, and he was able to move it into a more secure location.

“That robber’s a f**king moron,” Mr Beast said. “He’s busy stealing my TV, my f**king blanket, instead of the f**king Bitcoin that was sitting right there.”

It was his lucky day when he loaded up his computer, which was still there.

Don’t write them right next to the thing you’re trying to protect, at least if you have to.

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  1. My grandson, Jason, loves Mr. Beast. He says “Mr. Beast is the most popular and famous man on You Tube”. He watches You Tube all the time. Jason wants to be like Mr. Beast. I’m glad that Jason looks up to someone that is a giver and not a taker. Thank You, Mr. Beast for being that kind of a person.

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