Mr Beast Wants to Give Away Billions of Dollars on You Tube and He Has a Plan to Make It Happen

MrBeast wants to give away billions of dollars on YouTube and he has a plan to make it happen.

New money-making ventures like Beast Burger and Feastables have been created by MrBeast.

The content creator is going to use both of them to increase the ante in how much cash he gives away.

MrBeast said that he would give away billions of dollars in future videos if he could sell parts of them for billions of dollars. Billions, not millions.

It’s a lofty goal to try and sell his ghost kitchen burger chain and candy bar company for billions, but when it comes to his growth and social media prowess, anything is possible.

A lot of the money MrBeast gives away comes from sponsorships, and he often says that the money he earns from YouTube is put into the creation of new videos.

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It is easy to see how he has become so successful.

If you haven’t already subscribed to his channel, you may want to do so, because it seems like you’ll have a good chance of winning some money in the future.

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  1. I love giving insurance with people helping people but I really don’t have it to give but I do it because I want to see everyone succeed and be happy but right now I’m struggling to take care of my family but I get up everyday and work do the best I can but to be blessed by you Mr Beast with B of blessing Beyond measures God bless you and your family

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