As he chases down the next milestone, MrBeast promises to 'avenge' PewDiePie

As he chases down the next milestone, MrBeast promises to ‘avenge’ PewDiePie

It has been two months since MrBeast took over as the most subscribed content creator on the internet, but the philanthropic star isn’t done yet.

He has another goal that he is thinking about. The MrBeast channel is the fourth most-subscribed one on the internet.

Sony Entertainment Television India, Cocomelon, and T-Series are channels run by companies rather than individual content creators, but that doesn’t mean squat. He would like to topple them as well.

He wants to take over the top spot from T Series, which has 233 million subscribers, and he wants to do it in the name of the popular Swedish video game player.

When a fan asked him a question, he said as much as possible. MrBeast has more than 120 million subscribers on his main channel.

He will need another 106 million to close the gap since T-Series will also gain subscribers.

Sony Entertainment Television India and Cocomelon needs to be leapfrogged by the YouTube star.

They have around 23 million more subscribers than him.

Taking on these companies is still a David vs. David battle even though he is the biggest creator on the site.

The difference in reach and resources was considered in the battle.

MrBeast has an empire that is growing.

He runs several other channels, including MrBeast gaming, MrBeast 2, and MrBeast Philanthropy, and also branched out into fast food and confectionery.

If things go the same way, MrBeast might become the most famous person in the world someday.

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