Mr. Beast Breaks Records For TikTok Followers And YouTube Subscribers

Mr. Beast Breaks Records For TikTok Followers And YouTube Subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson is sometimes referred to as Mr. There are multiple records being broken on multiple platforms by the Beast on social media.

He shared the news on social media that his TikTok account was the most followed and his YouTube channel was the most subscribed.

Mr. Beast Is Breaking Records On Multiple Platforms!

Mr. is a businessman. It was a great year for Beast, 24, who had a great year. He became the most subscribed person on the video-sharing website with more than 125 million subscribers.

He began posting videos on the internet in 2012 and had a big viral moment in 2017: Mr, according to YT Battles, is a follower of a Twitter account that tracks the performance of YouTube.

The top of the list for week 51 of 2022, was Beast’s YouTube channel.

He gained more than 2 million viewers over the course of a few days. Mr. is a businessman.

The big news was shared by Beast on his Instagram Stories. Mr. took place during the year 2022.

The channel gained more than 33 million followers on the video-sharing website.

His account is the most followed on the TikTok platform.

The man is called Mr. In terms of followers, Beast has more than 50 million on TikTok, more than 22 million on the social media sites and 125 million on the internet.

His videos get a lot of views, likes, and comments on each social media platform.

He knows how to get the attention of people on different platforms.

A simple TikTok video collab with Argenby that he shared just three days ago already has 61 million views, 8.5 million likes and more than 100K comments.

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