Mr. Beast Breaks Records For TikTok Followers And YouTube Subscribers

Mr. Beast Breaks Records For TikTok Followers And YouTube Subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson also known as Mrbeast shared the news on social media that his TikTok account has the most followers and his YouTube channel has the most subscribers.

Mr. Beast Is Breaking Records On Multiple Platforms!

MrBeast, a savvy businessman and content creator, has had a phenomenal year, becoming the most subscribed person on YouTube with over 150+ million subscribers!

He first gained attention for his internet videos in 2012, but it was his viral moment in 2017 that really propelled him to the top. His YouTube channel recently topped the list in week 51 of 2022, gaining over 2 million viewers in just a few days and surpassing a whopping 50 million followers.

Additionally, his TikTok account boasts an impressive 82+ million followers (so far and numbers growing everyday rapidly), and his videos consistently receive high engagement across all platforms.

MrBeast’s ability to capture the attention of audiences on multiple social media channels is undeniable, and even a simple TikTok collaboration can quickly accumulate millions of views, likes, and comments.

His success is a testament to his creative vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

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