Mr. Beast Claims that He Can Beat T-Series, and Would Like to Get Revenge for Pew Die Pie’s Sake!

MrBeast claims that he can beat T-Series, and would like to get revenge for PewDiePie’s sake

In response to a fan’s question on social media about surpassing T-Series, MrBeast expressed his eagerness to achieve the feat and stated that it would be easy.

The prominent creator also mentioned that this achievement would be a way to avenge PewDiePie.

Mr Beast Will Surpass Pew Die Pie in 2022 on Youtube.

Last year was one of MrBeast’s best years, with the YouTube content creator gaining over 37 million subscribers, becoming the fastest-growing creator on the platform and the largest creator in November.

Despite T-Series having the most subscribers, the race between T-Series and PewDiePie for the top spot was a hot topic.

MrBeast’s growth on both TikTok and YouTube was an achievement in itself, with him becoming the most followed TikTok account and most subscribed YouTube channel.

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Fans react to Top Creator’s promise

MrBeast’s response to a fan’s question about surpassing T-Series has gained a lot of attention from fans. While some believe that T-Series’ genre may give it an advantage, many are eagerly anticipating MrBeast’s next moves.

It’s worth noting that MrBeast has a significant fanbase in India, where TikTok is banned, and most of his subscribers come from that country. The outcome of this race remains to be seen.

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