MrBeast was criticized for donating 20,000 pairs of shoes to South African children.

MrBeast was criticized for donating 20,000 pairs of shoes to South African children.

MrBeast is coming under fire again. 20,000 South African children received shoes from the YouTube star.

“For hundreds of thousands of kids in South Africa, the only thing standing between them and an education is a simple pair of shoes,” MrBeast said in the video.

Many kids in South Africa have to walk barefoot for miles over broken glass and contaminated water to get to school, according to a man who went to explain it.

MrBeast collaborated with a charity in South Africa called Barefoot No More. The shoes are waterproof and stretch to fit a growing foot, and they are made out of innovative material.

MrBeast gave out 20,000 pairs of Barefoot No More shoes to South African students after traveling to Cape Town to find the schools in the most desperate need of help.

This isn’t the first of the social media star’s philanthropic efforts. The Deseret News said he was called a demon for funding the surgery for 1,000 people who needed it.

In 2020, MrBeast said he would use his main channel’s influence to open hundreds of homeless shelters and give away all the money.

If you don’t believe me, just watch, that’s my game plan. He wrote in a follow-up tweet that he was dying with zero dollars in his bank account and that he wouldn’t live a materialistic life.

MrBeast created a channel called BeastPhilanthropy where he posts videos of his philanthropic efforts, which include: saving an orphanage, building wells in Africa, cleaning the ocean, and rebuilding homes damaged by tornadoes.

Why is it that MrBeast is facing backlash for donating shoes?

Fans don’t like the star because they say he makes money off of his videos. One fan called his donation of shoes a million-dollar bandaid.

MrBeast responded to critics of his charity video of 20,000 shoes.

Some viewers challenged him to help a charitable cause without making it public/video and claimed that it wasn’t really charity, because the clips of his newest video were shared on social media.

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On March 9, MrBeast wrote a response to the critique. I don’t profit from this channel, it’s a charity, and you haven’t seen it, so no hate, I don’t profit from it.

100% of revenue from beast philanthropy goes towards running my food banks and helping ease human suffering, and I have personally put in millions into beast philanthropy. Content that helps people to generate more money will help more people.

Some fans are supportive of Mr. Beast’s charity work

Loyal Fans of MrBeast shared their support for the YouTuber’s philanthropic efforts.

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