MrBeast Pranks A Boy with iPhone-Covered Car in ‘Guess The Gift’ Challenge!

MrBeast Pranks A Boy with iPhone-Covered Car in 'Guess The Gift' Challenge!

In his latest video, YouTube sensation MrBeast concocted an intriguing challenge for his viewers: “Guess the gift and you win it.”

What seemed like a straightforward giveaway took an unexpected turn as MrBeast unveiled a jaw-dropping surprise.

Let’s dive into the thrilling ride of MrBeast’s “Guess The Gift, Keep It” video.

MrBeast Pranks A Boy with iPhone-Covered Car in ‘Guess The Gift’ Challenge

At the outset of the video, MrBeast presents a motorcycle as the initial gift, only to reveal a twist—instead of a two-wheeler, it turns out to be 100 iPhones. Viewers are left in disbelief as the anticipation begins to build.

MrBeast playfully chastises a participant named Jake for not correctly guessing the first gift. Jake’s initial assumption of a motorcycle proves to be a wild miss as the iPhones are unveiled. However, MrBeast graciously offers Jake another chance to guess.

The stakes are high as MrBeast presents the second gift, challenging Jake to guess once more. The gift, however, baffles both Jake and the viewers. Is it a TV made of iPhones? The intrigue deepens.

With uncertainty looming, Jake takes one last shot at guessing the enigmatic gift. MrBeast provides a hint by revealing that there are two choices: “iPhones in the shape of a car” or a real car. The pressure mounts as Jake makes his final guess.

The Unveiling Viewers hold their breath as MrBeast dramatically unveils the gift, putting an end to the suspense. Is it an iPhone-covered car or a genuine automobile?

In an astonishing twist, it turns out that the gift is not a $35,000 car, nor is it a car made out of iPhones. Instead, it’s an iPhone. The shock is palpable as the boy, unfortunately, does not win any of the gifts he guessed.


MrBeast’s “Guess The Gift, Keep It” video kept viewers on the edge of their seats, with unexpected surprises and twists at every turn.

While the ultimate outcome may not have fulfilled the participants’ expectations, it undoubtedly left a lasting impression and showcased MrBeast’s knack for creating engaging and suspenseful content.

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