What Happens If You Win The MrBeast Challenge? YouTuber Explains

What Happens If You Win The MrBeast Challenge? YouTuber Explains

 MrBeast has been creating life-changing challenges one video at a time. The internet sensation who is giving away millions of dollars in cash and prizes has enough to give away and make people better off financially. People often don’t see it that way.

MrBeast has shared how his stunts actually do a lot of good, despite being accused of “f**king people over” by giving away such expensive gifts and cash prizes.

The 24-year-old appeared on the TMG Podcast and explained how he was able to win his challenges. He opened up about the criticism that he has received.

When people participate in a challenge, one of them wins and they have the choice to either take the prize or sell it. If they’re worried about taxes, MrBeast has got them covered. If the person doesn’t want the prize, he will buy it from them.

For example, in one challenge where he gave away a $2.5 million jet, Jimmy explained the winner could sell it for $2.1 million and still have $1.4 million after taxes.

The people accuse MrBeast of ruining people’s lives by giving them expensive assets. That is not how money works, explained MrBeast.

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Apparently, not everyone is against his idea. The man is a legend to some people and they didn’t have to understand the work at all.

The user commented, “If you think about it, it all makes sense. It’s not possible to do anything with an island or a jet. To be able to give large prizes, it needs to be something crazy like that to increase views and subscriptions.

He wouldn’t have more than 100 million subscribers if he gave 1000 people 1000 dollars. The fact that he gives options and buys them back is very cool.

We have to realize that a few years ago MrBeast was a normal dude making a normal amount of money because people want to complain about him.

Even if I am jealous, I will support him because he is proof that any one of us can make it. Another commented that they should keep hope alive.

“MrBeast is a good dude who does this from the kindness of his heart, and that is what I am gathering from this. It is very rare these days that that is really nice.” wrote another user.

MrBeast has created a niche for himself on Youtube by creating a genre of videos that are about expensive stunts. He has over 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

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  1. i m a big fan of you Mr beast u r king maker as i can see.
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    i want to be a member of your team in pakistan.
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