Did Mack Hopkins Leave Airrack to Collaborate With MrBeast?

Did Mack Hopkins Leave Airrack to Collaborate With MrBeast?

In a surprising turn of events, Mack Hopkins, the longtime editor of Airrack’s YouTube channel and a familiar face in Airrack’s videos, has parted ways with the popular content creator.

While rumors swirl about a potential collaboration with YouTube sensation MrBeast, the details remain unconfirmed.

Additionally, Hopkins has embarked on a new journey by launching his own YouTube channel, adding to the intrigue surrounding his departure from Airrack.

Mack Hopkins Working With Airrack

In August 2019, Mack Hopkins ventured into the realm of YouTube as a video editor for Airrack which has 14.3M subscribers, cementing his role within the esteemed Airrack Crew. This opportunity undoubtedly bestowed upon him a wealth of invaluable insights into the intricate world of YouTube content creation.

Mack Started His Own YouTube Channel

However, it wasn’t until April 27, 2023, that Mack Hopkins took the momentous step of launching his very own YouTube channel. With the release of his debut video, titled “The Start,” Mack embarked on an exciting solo journey into the realm of content creation.

Mack Hopkins has launched his own YouTube channel, signaling his intent to continue his creative journey independently. With a growing subscriber base and promising content, his channel has already gained attention from fans and fellow creators alike.

Mack Hopkins’ early solo video documenting his 100-hour AI-controlled survival experience has made waves in the online community. Released just three days ago, the video has already amassed over 1 million views, drawing widespread attention. Now Mack has 346K subcribers.

MrBeast Heart Touching Comment on Mack’s Video

MrBeast, a prominent figure within the YouTube realm, weighed in with his endorsement, stating his belief in Mack Hopkins’ potential to ascend to the ranks of YouTube’s greatest creators.

Did Mack Hopkins Leave Airrack to Collaborate With MrBeast?

Mack Hopkin’s In The Latest Video Of MrBeast

In the latest video released by MrBeast, titled “World’s Most Dangerous Trap,” viewers were taken on a heart-pounding journey unlike any other.

Mack Hopkins, the fearless protagonist of this epic adventure, found himself in a meticulously designed trap that pushed the boundaries of danger and suspense. With every twist and turn, the trap challenged his wits, agility, and determination to survive.

But At the last mack lost all the money and stay empty handed.

It shows that the Mack is interested to work with MrBeast but it is not confirmed yet.

As you can watch in the video:


As fans and the YouTube community at large speculate about the future, one thing remains certain: Mack Hopkins is a talent to watch.

Whether he embarks on a new venture with MrBeast or continues to build his own brand, his departure from Airrack is a significant moment in the world of online content creation.

Only time will reveal the true nature of Mack Hopkins’ next steps.

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