MrBeast gets Attacked on Twitter After gives Eyesight to 1,000 People 

MrBeast gets Attacked on Twitter After gives Eyesight to 1,000 People 

The recent release of a YouTube video where MrBeast helps over 1,000 people with eye problems. While the video has been a massive hit, with over 56 million views, it has also caused some division on social media.

The procedure, which is paid for by MrBeast, can cure blindness in roughly half of those who undergo it, according to the surgeon featured in the video.

In addition to paying for the surgery in multiple different countries, MrBeast also gives a car to one of the patients, gives $10,000 to another patient, and donates more money for follow-up procedures beyond his 1,000 person following.

All of this goodwill has been seen as disingenuous by some individuals since MrBeast asked all of the patients to be in his video, which he then monetizes.

Some people claim that MrBeast used curing blindness as a way of making money.

He just makes people dance on camera for basic human needs so he can make a lot of money. It’s a strange thing.  

Even though this is just one of the comments, there was enough with this similar viewpoint to get MrBeast to reply.

He doesn’t understand why “curable blindness is a thing”. Most people who lose their sight are able to work again if governments step in and pay for their blindness.

The government would get the money back in taxes from the cured blind people who are able to return to work.

The majority of people that watched MrBeast’s video seem to believe that it’s a net positive, as now there are at least 1,000 people who can’t before the video.

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