Chris Tyson’s New Profile on Twitter – Now a Sketchy Character!

Chris Tyson's new Profile on Twitter - now a sketchy character!

Chris Tyson, a well-known figure on Twitter and Youtube, has recently changed his profile picture to a sketch of himself.

The move has sparked curiosity and speculation among his followers, as many wonder what prompted the change and what it could mean.

Chris Tyson changed Profile Picture on Twitter

Chris Tyson's new Profile on Twitter - now a sketchy character!

Tyson, who has been active on Twitter for several years, has previously used a photograph of himself with his son Tucker as his profile picture.

The new sketch, which was created by an artist whose name has not been disclosed, depicts Tyson with exaggerated features, including large eyes and a broad smile.

In a recent tweet, Tyson explained that he had decided to change his profile picture in order to “mix things up” and give his followers a new perspective.

He said in Tweet: “i just don’t want anymore photos of Tucker out there than has to be /gen /pos”

Chris is a Woman Now?

Here follower commented on Mr Beast’s post that:

“You probably do have an eye situation given you are seeing Chris is a woman now”


Reason Behind Changing Profile Picture

As we know that Chris has changed his gender from HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) and now he is not a boy he is a woman.

He had also changed his profile to any pronouns.

Responding to a tweet asking “wtf happened” with two different images of Chris, the YouTube star responded by saying “HRT, and it’s only been 2 months.”

Ultimately, the sadness of fans in response to a celebrity’s child facing a difficult situation is a reflection of the power of celebrity to connect people and create a sense of shared experience.

One person tweeted: “Bro left his wife and kid to become a barbie”

Another one commented: “Bro I feel bad for his son bro gonna get bullied”

At our point of view the reason of changing profile picture is hate from the followers for his/her transition. He/She had also explained in tweet that he don’t wanted more pictures of his son.


Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Tyson’s new profile picture has sparked a lively debate on Twitter, with many users sharing their opinions and reactions.

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