Chris Tyson Breaks Silence on MrBeast’s Alleged Attempt to Exile Him Rumors!

Chris Tyson Breaks Silence on MrBeast's Alleged Attempt to Exile Him Rumors!

Chris Tyson, a popular YouTuber, has finally spoken out regarding the rumors of MrBeast’s alleged attempt to exile him from the platform.

This controversy has been making rounds on social media platforms for the past few days, leaving fans and followers of both creators speculating about what really happened.

According to sources, MrBeast had allegedly tried to get Chris Tyson “exiled” from YouTube. However, the reasons behind this alleged attempt remain unclear.

While some speculated that this could have been due to the Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) of Chris Tyson, others believed that there might be a deeper underlying issue.

Chris Tyson’s Response to Rumors

Chris recently spoke about his current relationship with the Beast Gang during a Snapchat stream.

He confirmed that he has not been removed or asked to leave the project, and that he intends to continue his involvement with the group. Chris kept his response brief, stating that he is currently on the road and spending time with his son Tucker.

Chris Said in the video: “Nope! I pretty much told Jimmy just because I want tospend time with Tucker and he’s traveling a lot, I’mjust gonna come and go as I please. I came to Japan, and I left when I pleased. And I went to I don’t know if I can say. I went to Mexico. I went to Mexico, and then I came back.”

Chris’s Response To Rumors

Chris Tyson’s Recent Post

Chris Tyson had also posted pictures with MrBeast on Instagram of the trip of Japan.

As you can see:

Instagram will load in the frontend.


In conclusion, the recent allegations surrounding MrBeast and Chris Tyson have sparked a heated discussion among fans of the popular YouTube personality.

While Chris Tyson has now addressed the rumors, denying any attempt by MrBeast to “exile” him from the community, the controversy highlights the importance of transparency and open communication in the world of social media influencers.

With millions of fans following their every move, it is crucial for online personalities to take responsibility for their actions and address any concerns raised by their audience.

The situation also highlights the need for fans to approach rumors with a critical eye, and to seek out reliable sources before drawing conclusions or spreading misinformation.

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