MrBeast’s Cohost Chris Tyson Changed His Name Due to Gender Change

MrBeast's Cohost Chris Tyson Changed His Name Due to Gender Change

Chris Tyson, a charismatic member of MrBeast Group, shines in online entertainment. With unique content and magnetic charm, he captivates millions.


Chris’s journey of self-discovery led to the realization of her true identity as a woman, and she wholeheartedly embraced the name ‘Kris.’ Embracing her authentic self, Kris fearlessly unveiled her genuine identity to the world, becoming a shining beacon of hope and inspiration for those facing similar struggles.

Utilizing her platform, Kris passionately advocated for understanding and acceptance, touching the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Her compelling story was featured in an Anthony Padilla Youtube Video centered around personal transformations, resonating with audiences and encouraging them to embrace their own truth and live authentically.

Kris Tyson Formally (Christopher Stephen "Chris" Tyson) turned into women

It can be concluded that Chris Tyson has undergone a gender change, resulting in a name change. They have expressed enthusiasm about their new identity and have mentioned calling “dibs” on it.

Certainly! The statement “Chris Tyson also said in her latest interview, ‘Old Chris Tyson is completely dead, and Kris Tyson is new Chris'” suggests a significant transformation in the individual’s identity and how they see themselves.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Chris Tyson: This refers to the person’s original name and identity before any changes.
  2. Kris Tyson: This is the new name and identity that the person has embraced.
  3. Old Chris Tyson is completely dead: Kris no longer identifies with their previous identity as Chris Tyson. They may have felt that their former self no longer represents who they truly are.
  4. Kris Tyson is new Chris: Kris sees their new identity, Kris Tyson, as a version of themselves that aligns more closely with their true self.

Gender Change

Chris Tyson, a (born july 1 1996) 26-year-old social media influencer and childhood friend of MrBeast, publicly came out as bisexual in November 2020 during the lead-up to the US presidential election.

This announcement about their sexual orientation was made approximately two and a half years before they shared their gender journey. In April 2023, Chris Tyson also revealed their identification as non-binary and announced that they had started hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Responding to a tweet asking “wtf happened” with two different images of Chris,
the YouTube star responded by saying “HRT, and it’s only been 2 months.”


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In response to a tweet with two different images of Chris, they explained that they had been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for two months, indicating their gender transition.

The announcement of Chris Tyson’s identification as non-binary and their decision to undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) garnered attention and had some impact on social media platforms.

TikTok, for instance, removed several transphobic videos about Chris Tyson after their announcement of starting HRT. It’s worth mentioning that their openness about their gender journey and HRT was met with both support and criticism.

As he says in a tweet: “You all heard me call dibs!!
(thanks for coming to the stream!!)”

Chris mentioned in a tweet that people had heard them call “dibs” (presumably on their new name or gender identity) during a stream.

Chris Tyson, cohost of MrBeast on YouTube, recently responded to a tweet inquiring about her appearance change. The tweet contained two images of Chris with a noticeable difference in her appearance.

Chris revealed that he had started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and that it had only been two months since he began. HRT is a medical treatment that involves the administration of hormones to individuals whose bodies do not produce enough of them naturally.

Chris’s response indicates that he is undergoing a gender transition and that HRT is a part of her journey.

In addition, shows a tweet from Chris that encourages not letting hate affect them and expresses gratitude to MrBeast for helping so many people. While this tweet does not explicitly mention the name change, it reflects Chris’s positive mindset and resilience in the face of potential negativity.

Chris New Name Announcement!

Chris is expected to announce their new name in the near future. Chris do not specify the exact timing or details of this announcement, but it suggests that Chris intends to share their new name with their audience or followers soon.

Overall, Chris Tyson’s journey has involved significant personal revelations and expressions of their sexuality and gender identity, including coming out as bisexual and later identifying as non-binary while also starting hormone replacement therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

is chris a transgender?


Yes, Chris Tyson, a collaborator of MrBeast, has shared their experience with hormone replacement therapy and discussed their gender identity on social media.

They use all pronouns according to their verified Twitter account, and their identity is described using they/them pronouns for consistency.

can a transgender legally change their gender?

Yes, transgender individuals can legally change their gender in many countries, but the specific procedures and requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction.

why chris become transgender?

Chris from MrBeast has identified as gender non-conforming and has struggled with gender dysphoria for many years. While it has not been explicitly confirmed whether they identify as transgender, Chris has undergone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and described it as life-saving.

Transitioning can alleviate gender dysphoria, and Chris has received both support and criticism following their announcement. It is important to respect their self-identified gender and their personal journey.

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  1. I’m sorry but if a person is transisitioning you do not call them by their old pronouns…. SHE is changing HER name, SHE has been on HRT for 2 months

    1. Society as we know it is ruined. People have grown weak and nothing is being said about it. I’m not saying to “embrace masculinity” but something needs to be done or society won’t be able to function.

      1. Exactly. just reading this shit made me lose IQ points. I replaced every one with ‘him.’ Chris will always be a male. Even with a new name.

        1. What is wrong with you all? There is literally nothing wrong with transgender people. Grow tf up, and stop complaining. It’s clear that either your parents raised you wrong (they probably weren’t even there), or you’re all just a bunch of people who are too old to understand any of this stuff in the first place. It is not hard to respect people’s pronouns. If you misgendered a dog or a cat, you’d be like “oh, sorry.” But then it comes to people, and you can’t do the same. That’s honestly pathetic. I can’t believe that you guys are indecent enough to put this out on the internet. Do better. Gender people right.

      1. I’m about as easy going as any one you’ll ever meet. I’m all about live and let live. But I cannot support gender fluidity.

        On the surface, it might seem so innocuous. Only “uptight, far-right, religious homophobes” would be against people who just want to be happy in their own bodies.

        If only it were that simple. As soon as we begin to “normalize” these lifestyle choices, then the more radical ideas will begin to surface and these folks won’t go easily.

        The “true believers” will come out of the woodwork; The gender theorists and queer theorists documenting support for neopronouns, fetishism, sadomasochism, transvestitism and all the other “ism’s”.

        Drag shows for juveniles and even younger will be paraded as “liberated”, and they’ll even try normalizing child pornography and pedophilia

        If you think this is just hyperbole or hysterics, just check out the NAMBLA web sites. Heck, just check out whats going on in Hollyweird. If the goal of queer theory is to deconstruct any and all boundaries and taboos around sexuality, this should not surprise anyone.

        Solomon said there’s nothing new under the sun. People often think that these kinds of initiatives are progressive and trendy. A quick check of history and you find the tearing down of sexual boundaries has been happening since the times pf the Pharaohs.

        While the gender theorists claim that it liberates society, it ultimately undermines society’s rationale for protecting women and children because it can neither give an objective definition of what a man or woman is nor offer a rationale for why certain sexual boundaries ought to exist in the first place.

    2. This is disgusting. Chris is awful. I unsubscribed to Mrbeast for this. There are two genders. You can’t change your gender. You are who you are, and you can’t change it.

    3. That’s the most stupid comment I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even change. They were born and boy so they are still a boy no matter what they say.

  2. This is bs, we all miss the old Chris. The devil has taken chris too, confront people the devil has taken before it’s too late.

    1. “We”? Speak for yourself dude. Majority are just happy that Chris is comfortable enough to be himself publicly. Keep that “devil” crap to your little cesspool of religious nut jobs

      1. Describing our beliefs as crap is really offensive bro. Also by “we” he is talking about you satan simps. You need to find god. And let’s make it clear majority are sad and miss old chriss.

    2. yall satan worshipers are going to have fun getting your skin ripped off and lighted on fire over and over again in hell

    3. i mean it has tho but you just don’t think it cause it has taken you too and your life will be miserable

  3. They didn’t change their name to “dibs” also if this is true your both dead naming and misgendering them

  4. For anyone who was as confused as I am (not a frequent Mr Beast viewer) most of the info can be found on Chris’ Twitter. They haven’t changed their name at all from what I can tell, either because they don’t feel the need to or don’t know what to change it to. They’re Twitter bio says they use any pronouns, and from what I can tell she identifies as gnc (gender non-conforming). The “calling dibs” has nothing to with it lol, pretty sure that was her claiming a Mr Beast skateboard from the stream as seen in the image. HRT is hormone replacement therapy, a medical procedure trans people use to gradually achieve their desired physical appearance, there’s a more detailed comment about it somewhere on here if you’re curious, or you could Google it.
    TL;DR, Chris (no name change yet) uses any pronouns, and is gender non conforming (from what I could tell on Twitter). HRT is a sciency thing that’s helping Chris transition to looking more feminine.
    Feel free to correct me on any info I got wrong 😀

  5. I’m so happy for her! I’m so glad to see they are finally living his life as themselves:3 it makes me rlly happy to see other trans ppl thriving:D

    1. Thriving? How do know they are thriving? A shocking percentage of people that transition go on to have mental health difficulties. Changing the hormone balance in your body can be dangerous. It amounts to self harm in some causes. The culture today amazes me. There is so much focus on being authentic when society is more fake than it has ever been.

      1. No. Studies have shown that mental health issues increase when treatment is denied. Mental health issues decrease as the desired gender affirming care progresses. The real truth is out there, you just have to stop getting your info from actual Nazis, LMAO.

  6. Congrats to them for being able to come out!
    You can really tell who is uneducated by who’s calm or not

  7. I’m so happy for Chris! From what I’ve seen in recent videos and pics, they look so happy. Personally I think they look cute af too

  8. One more, Mr Beast went from destroying laptops, to curing blindness, to giving away his credit cards. Now hes making transgenders. Well then.

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