Chris Tyson of MrBeast Opens Up About Embracing His True Self on His 27th Birthday, After HRt!

Chris Tyson of MrBeast Opens Up About Embracing His True Self on His 27th Birthday, After HRt!

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In a heartfelt social media post on his 27th birthday, popular YouTuber and member of the MrBeast crew, Chris Tyson, expressed his newfound excitement and joy for celebrating his special day.

Known for his energetic personality and captivating presence on MrBeast’s YouTube channel, Chris Tyson has been a prominent figure in the world of online content creation.

As we know that Chris Tyson has passed through HRt in the last few months. For his Transgender life he also leaves his wife and a child.

Sharing a profound personal revelation, Tyson disclosed that he had spent the past 26 years concealing his true self, making this birthday particularly significant in his journey of self-acceptance.

Chris Tyson Happily Celebrating his 27th Birthday

Turning 27 has taken on a symbolic meaning for Tyson as he embarks on this transformative chapter of his life. “27 feels so good,” he expressed with enthusiasm. The milestone birthday represents a fresh start, a chance to break free from the constraints of hiding his true identity and embrace his authentic self.

In his candid social media post, Tyson wrote, “I always used to hate my birthday. This is one of the first years in a while I woke up excited to celebrate.”

His words shed light on the inner turmoil he had endured for many years, concealing his true self from the world.

Tyson’s revelation highlights the challenges that individuals face in accepting and embracing their true identities, even in a time when self-expression is widely encouraged. For many, the fear of judgment or rejection can lead to a life of suppressing their genuine selves.

Fans Response to His Birthday Post

How did MrBeast meet Chris?

Chris and Jimmy first met in high school. Chris was in the ninth grade while Jimmy was in seventh grade. They bonded over their shared passion for YouTube and watching gamers in action.

Are Chris and Katie Tyson still married?

Chris Tyson has confirmed that he and his wife, Katie Tyson, have separated.

What happened to Chris from MrBeast?

In February 2023, Tyson began undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a decision he publicly disclosed in April. This revelation came about when a Twitter user shared two photos of Tyson, one before and one after, accompanied by the question, “Bro, what happened?”

Does Chris still work for MrBeast?

Chris was in the last Trip of Mexico with MrBeast and his crew. He was in the latest videos of MrBaest “$1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht” and “1-100 ages people competition”. So, Chris is an official part of MrBeast’s team.


On this 27th birthday, Chris Tyson’s newfound excitement to celebrate is not merely about the passing of another year but about embracing his true self and sharing his authentic journey with the world. As he enters this transformative phase of his life, he stands as an inspiring figure for countless individuals striving to live their lives authentically and unapologetically.

Chris Tyson’s journey serves as a reminder that embracing one’s true self can lead to profound personal growth, acceptance, and the ability to inspire others.

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