Verizon’s Sponsorship on MrBeast’s ‘Buried Alive’ Video Sparks Speculation: How Much Did They Really Pay?

Verizon's Sponsorship on MrBeast's 'Buried Alive' Video Sparks Speculation: How Much Did They Really Pay?

In a recent jaw-dropping video titled ‘I Spent 7 Days Buried Alive,’ MrBeast extended his gratitude to Verizon for sponsoring the daring challenge.

The announcement came with an enticing offer of Verizon 5G Home Internet for as low as $35/month, and a chance to score an Xbox Series S for those who sign up by November 27, 2023.

One curious user took to Twitter to ponder the cost of Verizon’s sponsorship, noting that the ad read seemed longer than usual.

While MrBeast’s typical sponsorship earnings are estimated at $3-4 million, speculation arose that this particular collaboration might have involved a higher sum, perhaps due to the unexpected success of the promoted product.

Community Response

Responses from the online community varied, with some suggesting that the surge in product sales might have prompted Verizon to offer additional compensation for a community post. Others marveled at the choice of Verizon as a sponsor, considering it a substantial investment in the realm of YouTube sponsorships.

Contrasting Opinions

Amid the speculation, opinions diverged on the actual amount paid by Verizon. While one user believed MrBeast’s sponsors generally don’t pay exorbitant sums, estimating the figure at around $1.5 million, another perspective suggested that the extended ad read could be attributed to the anticipation of higher viewership in the video’s initial week.

As the online community engages in lively speculation about the financial intricacies of MrBeast’s Verizon sponsorship, the true extent of the collaboration’s worth remains shrouded in mystery.

Whether driven by unexpected product success or strategic marketing decisions, the details behind this sponsorship deal continue to captivate the ever-curious audience.

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