Debunking the Myth: Addressing Claims of CGI and Fakery in MrBeast’s Latest Video

Debunking the Myth: Addressing Claims of CGI and Fakery in MrBeast's Latest Video

Recently, a Turkish YouTuber, Burak Gungor, raised doubts about the authenticity of MrBeast‘s latest video, alleging that it was entirely CGI and fake.

In response to this claim, MrBeast himself took to Twitter to address the accusation, expressing his confusion and debunking the notion that the dropped buses were anything but real.

Debunking the Myth Addressing Claims of CGI and Fakery in MrBeast's Latest Video

MrBeast saw a YouTuber named Burak Güngör claiming that the buses in his video were fake.

MrBeast watched a bit of Burak’s video and then replied, saying that he doesn’t understand how he could even fake dropping the buses if he wanted to.

Mrbeast Responce

Users are continuing to engage with MrBeast’s initial response, asking questions directly, expressing their thoughts!

Realism at its Best

MrBeast’s videos always look real because they pay attention to details, capture genuine reactions, and show physical interactions that make them feel genuine.

It’s Not Easy to Fake

Dropping buses into a giant pit is a massive challenge. The logistics and practical aspects of faking such a feat would be incredibly complex and difficult to pull off convincingly.

How are there three buses if only 2 went down the pit?
by u/DeerWeekly in MrBeast

Consistency is Key

MrBeast’s videos have consistently showcased ambitious projects that push boundaries. This demonstrates that his videos are genuine and not fabricated.

Experts Agree

If we ask experts in filmmaking and visual effects, they would confirm that MrBeast’s videos are not CGI. Their professional analysis supports the authenticity of his content.

Burak Güngör


MrBeast’s video is real, not CGI. The level of realism, the complexity of the challenges, and the consistency in his content all point to the authenticity of his videos. Instead of doubting, let’s appreciate the amazing content MrBeast creates for our enjoyment and inspiration.

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