MrBeast’s Better Half Thea Booysen’s Temptation to Take on Japan!

MrBeast's Better Half Thea Booysen's Temptation to Take on Japan

Image Credits: Thea Booysen/Instagram

MrBeast, one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, has been making headlines for his larger-than-life stunts and giveaways. But what about his better half, Thea Booysen?

The South African model and social media influencer is making waves of her own, with rumors circulating that she’s considering taking on Japan.

Thea Booysen(Beasty) Thinking of Moving Japan

Booysen, who is known for her stunning looks and engaging social media presence, has been hinting at a new adventure on her Instagram account.

In recent posts, she’s shared images of Japanese landmarks and cuisine, sparking speculation that she may be planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

BRB, thinking of moving to Japan!

Thea Booysen Said in the post
Instagram will load in the frontend.

MrBeast’s Reply to Thea Booysen’s Post

Japan was fun!

MrBeast Commented
MrBeast's Better Half Thea Booysen's Temptation to Take on Japan!

Idea of Beasty Heading to Japan

The idea of Thea Booysen heading to Japan is certainly tantalizing, as the country is known for its unique blend of tradition and modernity, as well as its thriving fashion and beauty scenes.

Beasty Booysen, who has already made a name for herself in the modeling industry, could find new opportunities to showcase her talents and expand her fan base.


Of course, the idea of taking on a new country and culture can be daunting but Booysen has proven time and again that she’s not afraid to take risks and chase her dreams.

Whether or not she ultimately decides to make the move to Japan remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: her fans will be eagerly following her every move.

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