MrBeast was Paid $9500 after a Fender Bender in the Parking Deck

MrBeast was Paid $9500 after a Fender Bender in the Parking Deck.

One of the crews driving a truck scratched a car in the parking garage at an unnamed airport. When they looked at what it would cost to fix it, they found out it could be as much as $3,000.

MrBeast’s plan was to leave a lot of cash even though the scratch was minor. He and his friends went to a nearby Walmart to get chairs and other items and were determined to camp out by the person’s car until MrBeast and company could give him the money he needed to fix the car.

He states in the beginning that he gave all his money away and now he is homeless, asking how much the car costs and what it feels like to sleep in it.

He walked into the store and asked them if he could get a pair of pants that didn’t have holes in them.

When an employee tells him that the pants he is looking at are $168, he asks if there are any that are more expensive, and if he should get a watch as well.

Once given a total of over $900, he tells the employee “It’ll be nice to have clothes without holes in them, as he had just spent money on a luxury car and almost $1,000 at a clothing store.

The last stop was the Louis Vuitton store. He asked how much an item was, without knowing what it was.

He casually says, “I’ll buy it” once he is told it’s $650, which he refers to as a “towel” because he’s a little dirty from being homeless.

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