MrBeast told a waitress he was giving her a brand new car. Not everyone is impressed by his work altruism.

MrBeast told a waitress he was giving her a brand new car. Not everyone is impressed by his work altruism.

The “act of kindness” that MrBeast gave a waitress in his most recent TikTok video appeared to double as a commercial for the YouTuber’s chocolate brand, but some viewers disagreed.

According to a caption on the TikTok post, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, appeared to be sitting at a restaurant speaking to his server, who was called Amy.

“Amy, what’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?” Donaldson asked, with Amy saying it was around $50.

Donaldson handed her a set of keys and asked, “Has anyone tipped a car?


Amy’s been getting to work without a car formonths, thanks to you we changed that 🙂

♬ original sound – MrBeast

The server questioned whether Donaldson was being serious, so he took her outside and showed her a black Toyota that he said was her “brand new car.” A sticker on the side of the car had the word “Feastables” written on it. The logo for Donaldson’s main channel appeared on the hood of the car.

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“Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting you to cry,” Donaldson said in response after the server appeared to tear up and put her hand over her face in the clip.

“I was literally late to work today because the Uber was slow,” Amy said, getting into the vehicle with Donaldson. 

Donaldson said ” Enjoy the car” as the 42-second clip ended.

Donaldson’s most popular post on TikTok in March was the clip that received 50 million views. If fans bought more of his Feastables products, he would be giving away more cars on social media, according to a comment made from his account on the post.

Commenters applauded the YouTuber for his “life-changing” tip and asked him to do more.

Donaldon’s TikTok, which went viral and drew more of a mixed response, was reshared by an entertainment outlet on social media.

Several users said that having the two logos on the car felt more like product placement than a genuine act of kindness.

One person stated that she had to promote his company by driving the car.

They suggested that the logos made the car look less attractive and that they wouldn’t want to drive it themselves. If they were in the server’s shoes, some said they would immediately get the gift back, while others said they would prefer to travel by the ride-sharing service.

Dennis Feitosa, an internet drama commentator known online as Def Noodles, wrote “This cool af from MrBeast, but why he decorated the car like a 12-year-old fan’s laptop…

A handful of Twitter users wondered if Donaldson’s videos were actually practical, considering that the recipient would have to pay sales tax for the vehicle and that the server would have to spend money maintaining it. Meanwhile, other users defended Donaldson and his altruistic videos, with one saying they “don’t understand why people get so mad over him helping others.”

Donaldson, who has 139 million subscribers and is the most-followed individual on the internet, has become known for his elaborate videos where he gives away large sums of money.

He gave away at least $3.2 million in challenge prizes that year, including a $2.5 million jet and a private island, according to all the videos he posted.

His philanthropic acts are often received with overwhelming support and positivity, but in January he defended himself against backlash for a video in which he paid for 1,000 people to have sight-restoring cataract surgery, due to concerns that people should not be turning too big.

He has a following of more than 70 million people. He has previously gone viral for stunts such as challenging Dwayne Johnson to a game of rock, paper, scissors for a $100,000 reward, and paying a stranger $300 to fly to Paris, and now he is making short clips on the platform.

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