MrBeast and Bayashi_tv Whip Up an Egg-ceptional Tamago Sando Delight!

MrBeast and Bayashi_tv Whip Up an Egg-ceptional Tamago Sando Delight!

In a delightful culinary collaboration, internet sensation MrBeast and renowned Japanese chef Bayashi_tv recently joined forces to create an extraordinary gastronomic creation – the Egg-ceptional Tamago Sando.

This exceptional sandwich, with its unique twist on a traditional Japanese favorite, has captured the attention of food enthusiasts around the world.

MrBeast and Bayashi-tv made Tamago Sando

The Tamago Sando, a classic Japanese egg sandwich, was the foundation for this exciting collaboration. However, the dynamic duo decided to elevate the sandwich to new heights.

MrBeast Posted on Instagram: “We made a Tamago Sando with @bayashi_tv”

In a captivating video, the process unfolded with the boiling of eggs, followed by adding mayonnaise and black pepper to enhance the flavor.

Ultimately, the boiled eggs were artfully placed between two slices of bread, culminating in the creation of a delectable Tamago Sando, ready to be savored and enjoyed.


In a culinary collaboration that left taste buds tantalized and viewers are hungry for more, MrBbest and Bayashi_tv have truly mastered creating an exceptional Tamago Sando delight.

Their seamless teamwork and culinary expertise resulted in a sandwich that was nothing short of extraordinary.

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