MrBeast Delivers Savage Burn to Big Bang Theory Over Astonishingly Low Viewership!

MrBeast Delivers Savage Burn to Big Bang Theory Over Astonishingly Low Viewership!

In the realm of content creation, MrBeast stands at the pinnacle of his journey. With an impressive following on YouTube, he has captured the hearts and attention of countless viewers, solidifying his position as the most subscribed solo YouTuber.

His dedication and passion for his craft have propelled him to unprecedented heights, as he continues to create engaging and captivating content for his audience.

He has ventured into various other fields, such as the production of delectable chocolate and the establishment of successful fast-food projects.

MrBeast Roasts Big Bang Theory Over Low Viewership

In a recent tweet, the official Twitter account of Morning Brew brought forth a thought-provoking statistic concerning the popular HBO series, Succession.

MrBeast Write: “They make numbers that low?”

The tweet shed light on the show’s viewership, suggesting that it may not enjoy the same level of popularity as many ardent fans believe.

Comparing the final viewership numbers of Succession to the immensely successful sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, the tweet revealed a striking contrast.

Succession’s finale amassed a viewership of 2.9 million, while The Big Bang Theory’s finale soared to an astonishing 18 million viewers.

However, these figures paled in comparison to the astronomical viewership garnered by the renowned content creator, MrBeast.

This comment of his comes from him backing up his videos with views. His latest video is nearing the 100 million views mark in just a few days of its release.

Fans React to MrBeast’s Roast

The uproar caused by his uproarious roast has sparked a wave of humorous reactions from his devoted fans. Their laughter-filled responses are flooding the comments section under MrBeast’s tweet.

As this fan frenzy intensifies, a new demand for a television series starring the renowned internet personality gains momentum. Riding this wave of popularity, MrBeast has taken the initiative to reach out to Netflix, exploring the possibility of bringing his own show to life.


MrBeast delivered a surprising burn to the long-running sitcom, Big Bang Theory, regarding its remarkably low viewership.

With his characteristic wit and audacity, MrBeast unabashedly pointed out the astonishingly low numbers the show garnered, highlighting the changing dynamics of entertainment consumption in the digital age.

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