Did Mr.Beast’s Co-Host Chris Tyson Divorce His Wife? Is this News Really Legit?

Chris is a married man in MrBeast’s character.

Or does he have a spouse?

According to a rumor, the YouTuber is divorcing his wife and it may have something to do with the fact that he came out as gay.

Chris and his wife have stopped wearing their wedding rings and posting pictures of themselves together, which has been noticed by some users.

Is Chris from MrBeast still married, or is he divorcing his wife?

The internet has been filled with rumors that Chris Tyson and his wife are getting a divorce and living apart.

That is the only topic anyone talks about on the internet these days.

The couple hasn’t said anything about getting a divorce and neither of them has said anything to deny the rumors.

Why do people think Chris Tyson is divorcing his wife?

How did the rumor start, and what keeps it going? I want to know if MrBeast’s Chris is still married.


Chris still lives in North Carolina, where he was born and raised.

Chris and Jimmy Donaldson started their YouTube channel in 2012 and as of July 30, 2022, they have more than 100 million subscribers.

As of October 2020, Chris has 1.9 million followers on the photo sharing website.

Personal Life

Chris’s wife is Katie Tyson.

Katie Tyson was born on 18 June 2020.

Chris and his wife’s first child. On November 5, 2020, he said that he was straight and gay.

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Katie and Chris Tyson’s Divorce News

 The relationship of Chris and Katie Tyson seems to be in trouble.

Fans of Chris have noticed a big change in how he dresses since he stopped wearing an engagement ring.

Since the beginning of the year, no one commented on the other person’s social media, making some people think they have different political beliefs

Some of Chris’s fans think that he might be experimenting with being bisexual which could cause problems for the couple.

Chris didn’t follow Christian beliefs anymore.

Chris doesn’t practice Christianity anymore, and is trying to change his gender.

Chris and his wife are a couple and often post pictures of their son on social media.

Even though they don’t publicly recognize each other on social media, they are likely to be founders and spend time together as a family.

It wouldn’t be smart to make assumptions before either Chris or Katie confirm or deny that they are splitting up.

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