MrBeast Reveals Substantial Losses on Latest Video “Train Vs Giant Pit” While Disclosing YouTube Earnings!

MrBeast Reveals Substantial Losses on Latest Video "Train Vs Giant Pit" While Disclosing YouTube Earnings!

In a surprising turn of events, renowned YouTuber MrBeast, known for his grandiose and philanthropic videos, recently shared details of his earnings and losses in his latest video titled “Train Vs Giant Pit.

Costly Production and Risk-Taking

On July 13, a Twitter user @mws, the Kansas-born personality allegedly opened up about his earnings to those on his Twitter Subscription.

A tweet posted on(13 July) reads: “MrBeast shared that he made $167,000+ on his newest YouTube Video so far (video cost was $3M)”.

The content creator, who is renowned for his over-the-top challenges and generosity, seems to have pushed the boundaries of creativity and risk-taking in his latest endeavor.

Earnings Exposed

The Twitter user further revealed that MrBeast disclosed his earnings from the video, stating that he had made over $167,000 thus far.

While this amount may seem substantial, it pales in comparison to the video’s production cost.

Despite the vast difference between revenue and expenses, MrBeast’s openness about his financial results has been lauded by the online community. However, it appears that he isn’t overly concerned about the overall expenditure on video.

I Can Generate 100 Million Views for Less than £10,000, Says MrBeast

In a recent appearance on The Colin and Samir Show, popular YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Donaldson, participated in a thought-provoking two-hour debate.

The discussion delved into the topics of fame, creativity, and the nature of YouTube as a business.

The segment titled ‘Money and Creativity’ was particularly noteworthy, as Donaldson made a bold claim about his ability to generate massive viewership for his videos at a remarkably low cost.

According to the Greenville resident, he asserted, “I can achieve 100 million views on my videos for less than £10,000 if I wanted to. It’s entirely possible.”

MrBeast also claims that he can get 20 million subscribers in a month on an anonymous youtube channel.

So it’s very easy for MrBeast to generate money easily from his Youtube video.

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