MrBeast Makes Bold Claim: He Can Get 20 Million Subscribers in a Matter of Months on Anonymous YouTube Channel!

MrBeast Makes Bold Claim: He Can Get 20 Million Subscribers in a Matter of Months on Anonymous YouTube Channel!

Image Credits: Colin and Samir/ Youtube

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson has captivated the online world with his larger-than-life personality and selfless acts of kindness.

MrBeast holds the record for being the most-subscribed individual creator on YouTube, with an impressive subscriber count of over 164 million on his main channel.

The majority of MrBeast’s videos consistently reach over 100 million views, solidifying his position as the dominant figure on the YouTube platform at the age of 25.

In a recent statement that has taken the online community by storm, Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as MrBeast, has made a bold claim, asserting his ability to achieve a staggering 20 million subscribers within a matter of months on an anonymous YouTube channel.

The statement has generated a mix of excitement, skepticism, and curiosity among his fanbase and the wider YouTube community.

MrBeast Claims He can Get 20 Million Subscribers in a Matter of Months on Anonymous YouTube Channel

During an ‘unfiltered conversation’ with ‘Colin and Samir’, MrBeast made a bold claim that he could amass 20 million subscribers on a completely new YouTube channel within six months, without any promotion or even showing his face or using his voice.

MrBaest Said: “I could start a new channel tomorrow not using my face or my voice, like without ever promoting it, and in six months have 20 million subscribers, I live through people vicariously all the time and help people just get a couple of million subscribers here and there. It’s purely knowledge.”

Also Added: “Like if you knew what I knew you could get 10 million views per video, and get 10 million subscribers no matter where you are right now within six months.”

As you can see in the video:

A Fan Response to Mrbeast’s Statement

“Y’all buying this? Personally, I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe in a year+. But in 6 months. No way,” they said in a tweet.

MrBeast, whose philanthropic stunts and generous giveaways have propelled him to internet stardom, addressed the skepticism head-on, stating, “Why is this so hard to believe? I consistently make 20+ mil bangers on my side channels (that even without me would still bang) and it wouldn’t be that crazy to do on a new channel.”

“Virality is a skill that can be honed, I know most don’t agree, but it is,” he stated. Moreover, he expressed a nonchalant attitude toward those who may disagree with his perspective, saying, “I also don’t care that much if people disagree. Who cares? This is all hypothetical.”

Also challenged MrBeast to work with him free for a year.

He said: I’ll personally donate $20,000 to charity and work for that said channel for a year for FREE. Challenge??

Why is Mrbeast so popular?

MrBeast’s dedication to making a positive impact through his videos, combined with his entertaining and engaging content, has propelled him to become one of the most popular creators on YouTube.

What Religion is MrBeast?

In an interview with The Daily Beast in April 2022, Donaldson made a significant announcement regarding his religious beliefs. He revealed that he no longer considered himself an evangelical Christian and instead identified as an agnostic. Donaldson further shared that he had held differing views from his church for quite some time, particularly in regards to homosexuality.


Regardless of the outcome, MrBeast’s claim has sparked a renewed conversation about the art of going viral on YouTube and the impact it can have on one’s digital presence.

Whether he succeeds in reaching 20 million subscribers or not, his endeavor will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration and a case study for aspiring content creators who aspire to achieve similar heights of online success.

Only time will tell if MrBeast’s latest challenge will become another remarkable chapter in his already remarkable YouTube career.

One thing is for certain: millions of eyes will be eagerly watching as he attempts to transform an anonymous YouTube channel into a juggernaut of online fame.

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