MrBeast is asking fans to help ‘Sabotage’ Feastables competitors in local stores.

MrBeast is asking fans to help 'Sabotage' Feastables competitors in local stores.

MrBeast wants to take over the chocolate bar market with Feastables and has asked his fans to sabotage his competitor.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of change for creators. Many of our favorite stars are starting their own brands today. It was thought impossible a long time ago that many of them had come to reach incredible heights.

MrBeast’s Feastables chocolate bar has also put a dent in the market, along with the likes of KSI’s and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration beverage.

MrBeast is asking his fans to help his Feastable bars go even further.

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MrBeast wants fans to help stop competitors

Jimmy called for his fans to help him on March 4. The popular YouTuber asked his fanatics to help clean up Feastable bar displays in their local stores, before asking them to sabotage competitors while they were at it.

I am in need of your assistance. Next time you see Feastables in Walmart if you could clean up the presentation and make it look better that would make me very happy.

Before calling on his fans to sabotage Hershey, the YouTube star is building a team to clean up displays frequently.

He said that “he was building a team to do this frequently, but needed help in the short term”

If you want to make sure Feastables has enough space, you should move some Hershey’s bars. I wouldn’t want to complain.

Feastables has made its way into every Walmart store in the U.S. and was close to having its very own Super Bowl commercial.

One thing is sure, the Feastables brand is going to reach even greater heights.

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