MrBeast hasn’t died. There was a fake Viral Tweet about his Death.

MrBeast hasn't died. There was a fake Viral Tweet about his Death.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as the YouTuber MrBeast, is still alive.

Donaldson confirmed that he was very much alive after he was forced to respond to a claim that he had died. The false claim has been liked by over 160,000 people and caused a lot of concern from fans.

“I can’t believe Mrbeast died…gone too soon man.. you’ll never be forgotten you legend,” the  Twitter user @ExtremeBlitz wrote in the tweet on Wednesday with a heart emoji.

Many MrBeast’s fans didn’t realize it was a joke, despite the fact that the user has over 233,000 followers and regularly shares meme and troll posts. The user didn’t offer a source for the news and it wasn’t reported by any other outlet.

“WHAT?!!!!! HE DIED?!!!!!” one person commented.

“Is it true Mrbeast died?” asked several other users. A user wrote, “RIP a legend.” You will never be forgotten, man, I can’t believe MrBeast has died,” someone else wrote. You’re gone too soon, legend.

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Donaldson wasn’t dead at all. He was forced to address the question “Why does this have 100,000 likes? Lol.” “No commonly trusted sources inform that Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has passed away” was the message that was included in the statement that was appended to the tweet.

Donaldson and his team were reached for comment by Insider.

Soon after, @ExtremeBlitz__ replied to Donaldson’s comment jokingly offering to take the account down if the person who was giving away large amounts of money gave the user $10,000.

@ExtremeBlitz__ wrote: “Bro came back to life just to reply to my tweet,”

Donaldson has over 147 million subscribers and is the most popular YouTuber in the world. He drew attention to himself earlier this year when he paid for 1,000 people to get eye surgery and 20,000 South African school children to get shoes.  He has been accused of “charity porn” or “profiting off of his charitable acts”, although he has pushed back on this notion several times.


when did mrbeast die?

No, MrBeast is alive. There was a fake viral tweet about his death that he had to address. He was puzzled as to why it had received so many likes.

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