MrBeast Fan in Massachusetts Miss Out on Feastables Halloween Bags, Opt for Regular Bars!

MrBeast Fans in Massachusetts Miss Out on Feastables Halloween Bags, Opt for Regular Bars!

In a recent video, popular philanthropist and YouTube sensation MrBeast announced the release of a special Halloween edition of his beloved Feastables milk chocolate bars.

Fans across the United States eagerly anticipated this limited-time treat, excited to indulge in the spirit of Halloween with their favorite brand.

MrBeast Fans in Massachusetts Miss Out on Feastables Halloween Bags

MrBeast revealed that the Halloween edition of Feastables can be found in various retailers, with a notable mention of Sam’s Club. However, some fans expressed difficulty locating the product in their local stores, especially in regions like Massachusetts where Sam’s Club is not available.

Though the Halloween edition may not be widely available at Walmart, fans were pleased to discover the regular Feastables milk chocolate bars in stock at their local Walmart stores. The bars, known for their delicious taste and association with MrBeast’s brand, were a delightful find for many.

MrBeast’s Response

Desperate to solve the mystery, the fan took to Twitter to express their dilemma, tagging MrBeast and Walmart in their tweet. To their delight, MrBeast responded promptly with a helpful clue. He revealed that when he mentions a product in his video, it’s usually sold at the retailers featured in the video.

MrBeast’s fans were appreciative of the clarification regarding the Halloween edition and expressed gratitude for the regular Feastables bars. The excitement and anticipation for the Halloween edition continue to grow among fans, further reinforcing MrBeast’s influence and positive impact on his dedicated audience.


MrBeast’s foray into the Halloween spirit with the special Feastables edition has captured the hearts and taste buds of fans. Despite some challenges in locating the product, the overall enthusiasm and appreciation for MrBeast’s ventures remain steadfast within his supportive fanbase.

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