Feastables by MrBeast Now Available in Costa Rica

Feastables by MrBeast Now Available in Costa Rica

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the arrival of Feastables—MrBeast’s popular chocolate brand—in Costa Rica is a standout story. Entrepreneurs Mariana Calvosa and Marijose Cageao spent over a year overcoming logistical and regulatory challenges to bring the treat, beloved by their children and many others, to local shelves.

Overcoming Challenges

Starting in early 2023, Calvosa and Cageao faced numerous obstacles, including initial product shortages and slow negotiations with the brand. Despite these hurdles, their persistence paid off. By mid-2024, Feastables successfully launched in Costa Rican supermarkets, initially offering milk chocolate and peanut butter varieties, with toasted rice to follow later.

Market Success and Future Prospects

Feastables are now available in major retailers like AutoMercado and Vindi. The high demand has led to continuous restocking, ensuring a steady supply. This success story exemplifies how small businesses can capitalize on global trends to meet local demands.

Inspiration and Impact

The successful introduction of Feastables highlights the power of persistence, strategic planning, and market understanding. Calvosa and Cageao’s journey from concept to shelf is a testament to their hard work and serves as an inspiring example for other entrepreneurs. Their achievement not only satisfies local cravings for international products but also boosts the local economy.

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