Chris Tyson, from MrBeast, Confidently Announces Publicly That She is a Woman After Her HRT Journey!

Chris Tyson, from MrBeast, Confidently Announces Publicly That She is a Woman After Her HRT Journey!

In a groundbreaking announcement, Chris Tyson, a prominent member of the YouTube sensation MrBeast’s crew, has publicly revealed her gender identity as a woman.

Following a personal and transformative journey, Chris has chosen to share her truth with the world.

Her decision to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been a significant aspect of her journey toward self-discovery and authenticity.

This revelation marks an important moment in the visibility and acceptance of transgender individuals in the public eye.

HRT Journey and Transformation

The Hormone Replacement Therapy journey is different for everyone, and Chris was no exception.

Undergoing HRT involves taking hormones that promote the development of secondary sexual characteristics typical of the desired gender. In Chris’s case, this meant taking estrogen to encourage feminine physical changes.

He also faces a lot of criticism and hate from his fans after HRT.

Tyson is currently separated from his wife. They have a son together.

Sharing Her Truth with the World

Today, Chris Tyson shares her gender identity publicly. In an interview with Anthony Padilla’s YouTube channel, she spoke candidly about her journey, struggles, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Chris said: “For the longest time even saying it to some of my closest friends, it would make my hands shake to say I would get so nervous but now I can say I’m a woman I’m happy to say I’m a woman”

Chris said: “I did present I did as a woman I did because I am a woman “

Anthony Padilla Ask: “you’ve never said that before”

Chris Replied: “I’ve never said that publicly enough but I’ve been fully confident in that decision for over a year now um I kind my idea was to kind of play catch up with the internet in the way that I discover myself”

Chris was totally presented like a woman in that video

At 3:43 you can see:

A Step Forward for Trans Visibility

Chris Tyson’s public announcement is a significant milestone in the ongoing movement for transgender visibility and acceptance.

By sharing her story, she has become an inspiration to countless others, proving that living authentically can be empowering and positively impact the lives of those around us.


Chris Tyson’s decision to come out as a woman after her HRT journey is a powerful moment in the world of YouTube and beyond.

As society continues to evolve, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and supporting individuals in their journey toward self-discovery and self-acceptance.

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