'This is a joke?': The internet is confused as MrBeast calls himself 'Twitter Super Official CEO'.

‘This is a joke?’: The internet is confused as MrBeast calls himself ‘Twitter Super Official CEO’.

Since his takeover of the micro-blogging site, Musk has been making a lot of noise.

MrBeast, the popular YouTuber whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, changed his bio to read, “Twitter Super Official CEO” on January 23, 2023,” sparking a new plot twist.

On the other hand, many were quick to congratulate him with one saying “Congrats to the new Twitter CEO@MrBeast (unconfirmed but hoping it’s true, spread it).”

Musk replied “It’s not out of the question” after MrBeast asked Musk on December 22, 2022, “Can I be the new Twitter Ceo?” to which Musk replied, “It’s not out of the question.”

It is not known what caused him to change his bio but many are rooting for it to be true.

One wrote, “If MrBeast is actually the new CEO of Twitter, the future is looking great.”

Another commented, “Not sure if this is true but MrBeast changed his profile to say he’s CEO of Twitter.”

If true, there is a management team and approach coming to the micro-blogging site.

It seems that YouTube is scared.

“Dear everyone, Mr Beast is not the CEO of the Twitter,” wrote a user.

I’m getting second-hand embarrassment having to explain to you that it’s a joke, but MrBeast is not the CEO of the twitter.

One user asked Musk and MrBeast if it was a joke, to which they replied, “This is a joke, right?

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