The Multi-Language Audio Feature Was Tested by Mr Beast Launched on Youtube.

The multi-language audio feature was tested by MrBeast Launched on Youtube.

With the new feature, creators will be able to translate their videos into multiple languages, streamlining the process for those who want to reach audiences in their native languages.

The feature will be used in the creator studio by eligible creators.

To offer multiple dubs on a video, creators will be able to add different audio tracks through the subtitles editor on YouTube. They can update new and existing videos with additional audio tracks.

The multi-language feature was initially tested by a small group of creators, including Jimmy Donaldson, best known as MrBeast.

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Thousands more creators are being included in the rollout of the feature, with further expansions expected in the future despite the fact that YouTube did not reveal the exact number of creators who will have access to the feature.

Donaldson said in an interview with Rene Ritchie that “The ability to offer multi-language support would help reduce the workload for creators who operate multiple channels in different languages.”

Donaldson encouraged creators to use the tool to make a multi-language channel.

Donaldson said, “It’s a lot simpler for the fans”. Depending on the language the viewers were dubbed into, they wouldn’t need to navigate to different versions of the videos.

“It’s a lot simpler for people to understand because it’s all in one place, on one video, and you’re in Mexico, Brazil, India, and so on and so forth.”

Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi are some of the popular languages on YouTube.

The test group of creators saw more than 15 percent of their video watch time coming from viewers who were watching the video in a dubbed language, according to the company.

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