Miranda Cosgrove Drops Surprise F*** in MrBeast’s Latest Video!

Miranda Cosgrove Drops Surprise F-Bomb in MrBeast's Latest Video!

In his newest video installment, MrBeast, alongside his team members Karl and Chandler, had an unexpected encounter with actress Miranda Cosgrove that quickly went viral.

The video, titled “Miranda Cosgrove Said What?,” showcases the group’s playful and relentless attempts to get Cosgrove to utter a certain word.

Miranda Cosgrove Drops an Unexpected F-Bomb As MrBeast

The video opens with MrBeast, Karl, and Chandler surrounding Miranda Cosgrove, asking her to “say it.” Their repeated insistence leaves Cosgrove bewildered as she questions what they want her to say.

Undeterred, MrBeast’s crew keeps urging Cosgrove to “say it” over and over, leading to a humorous yet increasingly tense interaction. Cosgrove remains unsure about the mysterious request.

As the pressure mounts, Miranda Cosgrove finally gives in and drops the unexpected F-bomb, leaving everyone stunned. Her exclamation is a surprising twist in the video.

In response to Cosgrove’s unexpected use of explicit language, MrBeast, Karl, and Chandler burst into joyous laughter, adding an element of shock and amusement to the video.

Who is Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove, known for her role as Carly Shay in the hit TV series “iCarly,” has continued to make waves in the entertainment industry.

With a career spanning from her early days as a child actor to her music endeavors and recent return to the “iCarly” reboot, Miranda remains a beloved figure in pop culture. Her charm, talent, and enduring appeal have solidified her status as a fan favorite.

Miranda Cosgrove’s unexpected outburst quickly became a viral sensation, as fans and viewers across the internet shared and discussed the video. Social media platforms were abuzz with reactions to this unexpected and humorous encounter.

She was in also in the latest video of MrBeast $1 VS $100,000,000 House as you can see here.


MrBeast’s video “Miranda Cosgrove Said What?” showcases the power of humor, surprise, and unexpected moments in creating viral content.

While it raised questions about the boundaries of entertainment and responsibility, the video undeniably added another chapter to MrBeast’s ever-growing YouTube legacy.

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