Government Scared MrBeast Will Inspire Wave of Copycat Philanthropy

Government Scared MrBeast Will Inspire Wave of Copycat Philanthropy

The government of the United States is worried about MrBeast Sources have confirmed that He will cause a wave of copycat philanthropy after uploading a video that shows him curing 1,000 people of their blindness.

Ted Cruz said:

“We can’t have this garbage rotting the minds of our children, it’s bad enough that a kid might get on YouTube and find a drag queen or rap music video, but to see someone using their vast resources is unacceptable. Kids are going to see trash and think it’s possible to get healthcare. We have failed the children of our nation by allowing them to see this stuff.”


Parents in America fear that their children will start helping other people.

Kim Gilman said:

“she was trying to raise her son to be a good boy and slit anyone’s throat to get ahead in the world. He is wondering what he can do to help the community, after he cured 1,000 people of their blindness. Are you talking about the community? You should get outside and shovel that walk, buddy!”


I am taking away a few hours of his daily screen time if he keeps this up.

A bipartisan concern about widespread generosity is what Washington is worried about.

President Joe Biden said:

“he didn’t like it, and that a kid was putting his ideas into action. He should have the idea of presenting a plan to help finance the surgery over their heads in a series of videos that lasts years. I don’t understand what he’s doing here.”

  • MrBeast as of press time. The United States had installed a temporary host for his channel.
  • MrBeast was at the time of press time. A number of high speed rail lines have been installed throughout the Midwest for Beast’s next video.

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