Trans Chris from Mr Beast Sparks Twitter Drama with Tweet Deletion

Trans Chris from Mr Beast Sparks Twitter Drama with Tweet Deletion

Chris, a prominent member of the wildly popular MrBeast YouTube channel, has recently stirred up controversy on social media with a bold move that has left fans and followers buzzing.

Chris, who identifies as transgender, made waves on Twitter by engaging in a massive tweet-deleting spree, causing a storm of reactions and speculation among the online community.

What is Transgender?

Masha Jagasdottir, a renowned expert in childhood development and social services, has recently sparked controversy with her comments on YouTube regarding transgender identity.

Jagasdottir claimed that being transgender is a “mapping error of internally experienced desire” and described it as a male-bodied individual who maps their adultry desire onto a female identity as a way of gaining control over their own body.

Her comments have been met with mixed reactions, with some viewing them as insightful while others find them controversial and offensive.

Transgender Change in Chris

Responding to a tweet asking “wtf happened” with two different images of Chris, the YouTube star responded by saying “HRT, and it’s only been 2 months.”

Tweet Deleted By Chris

Chris from @MrBeast, who recently announced he’s “transitioning” to be a woman, says he likes Loli, which is a form of anime p*** in which the female characters are depicted as children or even babies” Allie Tweeted “Many, many such cases among “trans” men.

In a tweet that he just deleted

Nothing gets my knob a cranking like Loli meaning!

Chris Tweet is from December 2016

Meaning Of Loli

According to Japanese culture, “loli” is a term used to refer to “lolicon,” which is a form of virtual P_o_r_–n_o-g____ that depicts young girls or girls who appear to be young in se*u_a_l__ situations. Lolicon is characterized by the fusion of childlike attributes with erotic content.

While Chris has not explicitly stated the reason behind his tweet-deleting spree, some speculate that it could be related to his identity as a transgender person.

As a public figure, Chris has been candid about his experiences and challenges as a transgender individual, and his actions on Twitter have been interpreted by some as a form of shedding his past self and making a fresh start.

Chris has yet to publicly respond about the resurfaced tweet.

We will provide updates on Chris’s transition in our upcoming articles as new information becomes available.
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  1. Chris and many other youtubers have said controversial things like this before because it was normalized. This tweet (the loli one) was brought to his attention and he deleted it because he obviously knows it’s wrong. Big youtubers who have been in these platforms for ages now have so many tweets that it really is hard to know what you’ve said before. Of course, his tweet was a joke but I’m just saying.

    1. also I know what he is going through because he is being shamed because he wants to be trans gender Really guys, I think that we should talk about what is going on with this situation, did y’all ever think he or she could take their own life just because of all the hateful comments about coming out as trans gender, so many bad things could happen to them and it’s all because he came out as a trans male. Mr. Beast if you read this, maybe you should just take to Chris about what he is feeling about all these hateful comments and blaming him for your youtube channel falling apart.

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