MrBeast’s Feastables Chocolate Bars Fly off Shelves, Border Sales Surge

MrBeast's Feastables Chocolate Bars Fly off Shelves, Border Sales Surge

Popular YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast, known for his extravagant stunts and acts of generosity, recently introduced “Feastables,” his own line of chocolate bars. However, what was intended to be a treat for his fans quickly turned into a frenzy, with the bars disappearing from shelves faster than anticipated.

Feastables is basically sold out at the moment (around 20% of stores still have some) I’m doing everything I can to get some more chocolate factories up and running! Sorry for not being able to buy it right now

Mrbeast on X

Feastables Frenzy

MrBeast took to social media to announce that Feastables had sold out in the majority of stores, with only about 20% of them still stocked. This unprecedented demand has left many fans disappointed, unable to get their hands on the coveted chocolate bars. Despite MrBeast’s efforts, the rush to purchase Feastables has outpaced supply.

Border Sales Surge

Adding to the chaos, MrBeast revealed a surprising trend – the highest demand for Feastables was at stores near the borders. It seems that entrepreneurial individuals were buying up every bar they could find and crossing into neighboring countries to resell them. This unexpected turn of events highlights both the popularity of MrBeast’s brand and the creativity of his fans in pursuit of profit.

MrBeast’s Response

Fun fact, the stores on the border sold out first. People would buy every bar in every Walmart/Target in a city and then drive into Mexico or Canada and resell them 😅 Once I catch up to USA demand I’ll prio launching Mexico/Canada so they stop draining stores here

Mrbeast on X

In response to the overwhelming demand, MrBeast assured his followers that he is working tirelessly to ramp up production. He aims to replenish the shelves across the USA as quickly as possible. Additionally, he plans to prioritize launching Feastables in Mexico and Canada to prevent further depletion of stores in the US.

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