MrBeast Superfan Faces Emotional Turmoil as Mysterious Deepfake Voicemails Shake Trust!

MrBeast Superfan Faces Emotional Turmoil as Mysterious Deepfake Voicemails Shake Trust!

In a bizarre and unsettling turn of events, a devoted fan of popular YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) has come forward with allegations of receiving deepfake voicemails from an unknown source claiming to be the YouTube sensation.

Timothy Lea Horner, a self-proclaimed big fan of MrBeast, reached out to the internet and MrBeast himself via Twitter to share his disconcerting experience. This incident raises significant concerns about the misuse of deepfake technology and its potential impact on online interactions.

Disturbing Deepfake Voicemails Target MrBeast’s Fan

Timothy Lea Horner took to Twitter to alert both the online community and MrBeast about the unnerving situation he found himself in.

Deep fake Voice Clip:

Horner explained that he had received voicemails from numbers that didn’t display on his phone’s caller ID, all of which sounded strikingly similar to MrBeast.

The alleged deepfake voicemails left Horner feeling genuinely deceived and disheartened, as he believed he was in direct communication with his favorite YouTube personality.

One of the most puzzling aspects of this situation is the evasiveness of the alleged deepfake voicemails. Horner noted that the numbers sending these voicemails were private and difficult to trace.

He further claimed that after he expressed his skepticism through text messages and requested proof of MrBeast’s identity, he lost access to the text messages and voicemails he had received. This raised concerns that he may have been intentionally blocked from communication.

You can read the all thread here with proofs.

Preserving Evidence From MrBeast’s fan

Despite the obstacles he encountered, Horner managed to download and save one of the initial voicemails he received. While the exact content of the voicemails remains undisclosed, the fact that he has preserved evidence is crucial for any potential investigation or verification.

MrBeast has yet to respond publicly to Timothy Lea Horner’s warning, but the online community has taken notice.

Horner’s tweet has sparked discussions about the potential misuse of deepfake technology and the need for vigilance when communicating with online personalities and celebrities.


The incident involving Timothy Lea Horner and the alleged deepfake voicemails has left the online community with a mixture of concern, curiosity, and apprehension.

While the authenticity of these voicemails remains uncertain, they underscore the growing challenges posed by deepfake technology and the importance of verifying online interactions.

It is a stark reminder that in the age of digital impersonation, one must exercise caution when engaging with online figures, even those as beloved as MrBeast. The investigation into this matter, if initiated, may shed light on the extent of the issue and the possible misuse of technology for malicious purposes.

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