MrBeast Breaks Threads App Record for 1+ Millions Followers on Launch Day

MrBeast Breaks Threads App Record for Most Followers on Launch Day

Witness the incredible feat as MrBeast surpasses all expectations, setting a new record on the launch day of Threads app with the highest number of followers. Prepare to be amazed by his immense popularity and influence in the digital realm.

MrBeast, the renowned US-based YouTuber, breaks records on Threads app by amassing one million followers, surpassing even the app’s developer Mark Zuckerberg.

The recently launched text-based chat app, set to rival Twitter, made a splash on July 5 with over 22 million sign-ups, capturing immediate attention and making headlines.

New text-based chat app challenging Twitter, launched on July 5, gains massive attention with 22+ million sign-ups shortly after its release, making waves in the news.

Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, secures a Guinness World Record on the app with a rapid growth of his dedicated following, marking an impressive achievement early on.

MrBeast becomes “Future Threads CEO” with a million followers in only three posts, as stated in his bio on the app.

In his debut post following the app’s launch, MrBeast humorously wonders, “How long until we’re addicted to this app? Lol.”

MrBeast playfully invites his fans to like a post if they believe Mark Zuckerberg should appoint him as the app’s CEO, jokingly confessing, “I feel like I’m cheating on Twitter by using this app.”

Threads, the newly launched meta-app, positioned itself as a “friendly” Twitter alternative amidst setbacks following Elon Musk’s involvement with the platform.

Similar to Twitter, Threads allows users to share links, photos, and videos, while enabling interactions such as likes, comments, and shares with followers. Posts have a maximum limit of 500 characters.

Threads app, akin to Twitter, enables users to share links, photos, and videos, with interactions like likes, comments, and shares. 500-character post limit.

Reports indicate that Threads drew over 22 million users from its database within hours of launch, thanks to the massive user base of 2 billion active Instagram accounts.

In a post, Zuckerberg, the second person to reach 1 million Threads followers, expressed the goal of maintaining a friendly atmosphere as the app expands, believing it to be crucial for its success. Drawing a comparison to Twitter, he emphasized the intention to approach things differently.

Zuckerberg, the second user to reach 1 million Threads followers, aims to keep the app friendly and believes it is key to its success, differentiating it from Twitter’s approach.

MrBeast, known for pioneering extravagant challenges and stunts on YouTube, boasts a substantial fan base across various social media platforms.

MrBeast holds two additional Guinness World Records: most male YouTube subscribers and highest-earning YouTube contributor in 2021, earning a reported $54 million

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