MrBeast Abandons Shocked Face Meta, Embraces A/B Testing for Thumbnail Success!

MrBeast Abandons Shocked Face Meta, Embraces A/B Testing for Thumbnail Success!

In a surprising turn of events, popular YouTuber MrBeast, known for his extravagant stunts and philanthropic endeavors, recently shared an intriguing insight into his YouTube video thumbnail strategy.

Taking to social media, he revealed that he had conducted an experiment by closing his mouth in all his video thumbnails, resulting in a significant increase in watch time.

This revelation has sparked discussions in the YouTube community, questioning the longevity of the shocked face thumbnail trend.

MrBeast’s Shocked Face Thumbnail Trend

For years, YouTubers like MrBeast have relied on the “shocked face” thumbnail strategy to entice viewers. This technique involves using a thumbnail image of the creator in an exaggerated state of shock, awe, or surprise.

The idea is to pique the curiosity of potential viewers and encourage them to click on the video.

This approach has been widely adopted by YouTubers across various genres, from gaming and lifestyle vlogs to educational content.

However, the effectiveness of this strategy has often been debated, as viewers have become increasingly desensitized to these over-the-top expressions.

MrBeast’s recent experiment challenges the traditional notion of using shocked face thumbnails. In a tweet, he announced, “I closed my mouth on all my thumbnails and the watch time went up on every video lol.” This simple adjustment, seemingly moving away from the shocked face trend, resulted in improved watch time for his videos.

A/B Testing and Data-Driven Decisions Of Youtube Related to Thumbnails

MrBeast further explained that he was now able to conduct A/B testing on his thumbnails to determine what resonated with his audience.

A/B testing involves presenting two different versions of a thumbnail to a select group of viewers and analyzing which one performs better in terms of click-through rate and watch time.

The ability to A/B test thumbnails allows content creators like MrBeast to make data-driven decisions about their video promotion. By analyzing the preferences of their audience, they can tailor their thumbnails to attract more viewers effectively.

One user inquired if this marked the end of the shocked face thumbnail trend, to which MrBeast replied, “Seems like it, here’s more results. Now that I can actually A/B test thumbnails, I don’t have to guess, and I just test and see what people want. My mouth would have closed years ago if I had this tool.”

This response suggests that MrBeast is willing to adapt his thumbnail strategy based on concrete data rather than sticking to a formula that may no longer be as effective.

MrBeast’s revelation has significant implications for YouTube content creators. It underscores the importance of regularly evaluating and adjusting their thumbnail and video title strategies to maximize viewer engagement.

A/B testing and data analysis can provide valuable insights into audience preferences, allowing creators to stay relevant and appealing in a constantly evolving platform.

Fan’s Response to The MrBeast’s Tweet

A user also said: “Now all youtubers will shut their mouths!”

At which MrBeast replied: “Thank God”

MrBeast’s Gf Thea Booysen also said: “That’s actually really funny.”

And a lot of reviews you can see here.


While it’s too early to declare the end of the shocked face thumbnail trend, MrBeast’s experiment sheds light on the evolving landscape of YouTube content promotion.

As one of the platform’s most prominent creators, his willingness to adapt and embrace data-driven decisions could potentially influence others to follow suit.

Creators are now presented with an opportunity to experiment with their thumbnail strategies, using A/B testing and analytical tools to discover what truly resonates with their audience.

As the YouTube community continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve in thumbnail and title design may be the key to continued success and growth.

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