GTA 6 Trailer Surpasses MrBeast’s YouTube Record In Less Than 24 Hours!

GTA 6 Trailer Surpasses MrBeast's YouTube Record In Less Than 24 Hours!

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game series is well-known for its massive popularity and anticipation with each new release.

GTA 6’s trailer generated an incredible amount of interest, surpassing 60 million views on YouTube in just 12 hours after its release. This milestone beat out the previous record held by MrBeast’s ‘Every Country on Earth’ video for the most views within a 24-hour period.

MrBeast himself, known for his viral content, expressed his shock and awe as the GTA 6 trailer shattered his record. “The GTA 6 trailer just broke our record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours 😮,” he exclaimed.

His acknowledgment of the event indicated the monumental level of attention and excitement surrounding this upcoming game.

MrBeast also said that: “And they hit me with a ratio (with Crying emoji)”

This unprecedented level of interest and hype for GTA 6 speaks volumes about the game’s popularity. It’s a testament to the series’ dedicated fan base and the massive anticipation for this new installment.

The overwhelming response to the trailer suggests that when GTA 6 finally hits the shelves, it’s likely to be nothing short of a gaming phenomenon.

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